Now those Hillary supporters can vote for Bernie too as she doesn’t need your vote anymore.

Also file is labeled “060416” as in 6/4/16. They planned this three days ago.



Make this VIRAL! 

But like was there any indication she wouldn’t win? 


considering that neither of them can actually win the number of delegates required to win the nomination until July, yeah, there’s a lot of indication that she might not

Scummy damn politics.

Having worked at a newspaper, it’s likely that they had three versions of this story ready to go, with accompanying graphics: Clinton wins, Bernie wins, too close to call. It is very common to pre-write these kinds of stories so that you can just rework the lede/first paragraph quickly and published as quickly as possible. (Being the first to publish something like this is still not inconsequential to people in the news business.) Graphics were likely created even before the story was written and stockpiled similarly so that they don’t have to give their graphic artists, if they even have them anymore and didn’t make a reporter do it, overtime on primary day.

Dewey defeats Truman is the most famous example of this going wrong for a paper but obits for public figures get mistakenly published every now and again too. I believe a paper here (Canada) forgot to remove a mention of Harper announcing that he would step down as Conservative leader after he got trounced in our last election because everyone assumed he would and then he didn’t.

In a more lighthearted example, the paper I interned for had an On This Day In History section that reporters wrote for on slow news days. It all went into a calendar and would get filled in based on how many inches we needed. I think the last one I wrote was published two years after I started interning there.

I would guess that secret is a stand in for Secretary of State and that there was also a senator or equivalent for Bernie winning the day. Depends on the AP naming conventions, which I confess I don’t know. This is way more likely to be a matter of places like AP filing as much as they can in advance and being super understaffed than a conspiracy.

And before anyone accuses me of shilling for Hilary, I am Canadian. I don’t care who you elect as long as it’s not Trump. My politics are more aligned with Bernie’s than any other US candidate and here I vote Liberal or NDP. Most of the Democrats in the US wouldn’t be progressive enough for either of those parties.