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The other MAN has spoken, too: Mr. Kevin Feige.


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Susan Sarandon shutting it down. “I have nothing good to say about Woody Allen.”

Woody Allen is a sexual predator who at best seduced his 17-year old step-daughter and at worst molested his child.  

What he did is wrong and working with him means you condone his behavior and would rather side with an accused predator than the victim of a sex crime.


Do you need an explanation for why there are dragons when the real world doesn’t have dragons? Because it’s a story. Do you need an explanation for why those dragons can fly when logically a creature of that size shouldn’t be able to do so? Because it’s a story. Do you need an explanation for why a human wiggling their fingers and saying certain words causes lightning to shoot out of them and fry that dragon to a crisp? Because it’s a story. Do you need a reason for why that finger-wiggling human is a gay woman and not a straight man? No, you don’t, because it’s the least absurd thing in this paragraph and you accept all of the others without question.

Rich Burlew, author of “The Order of the Stick”

hi <333 i was wondering, did you put off the romance in trc for so long on purpose? when i first read the series, i was surprised that blue and gansey didn't even become a thing until bllb, and you spent so much more time on adam and gansey's relationship. i get that a few months isn't a lot of time for people to get together, but with the way the series is paced, it feels like forever. was there a reason for that? xoxo


Dear minty-minho,

Deep in my black heart, I always dreamed of a day when I would write a series full of non-romantic friendships with as much tension — nay, more — than the romantic relationships. Where readers would gasp and clutch their pillow in suspense … not over whether or not A and B would kiss, but rather if C and D would still be friends in a month. 

Not to discount romance or kissing in the slightest, of course. Rather to lift up and point at the Healing Power of All-Consuming Best Friendship. 

A reader asked me at a signing if Calla and Persephone had been sleeping together — if that was why Calla was destroyed by the events of book 3. I don’t recall what I said at the time — probably I just opened my mouth and words poured out in a grammatical fashion — but I was thinking how strange I felt about the idea that a platonic or asexual relationship was considered to be a subordinate thing to a sexual relationship; that passion in the sack equaled passion in one’s heart. Love is love. I am ferocious about my best friends; I reckon that is what I’m trying to say in The Raven Cycle.

Does that make the answer “yes”? I think it does. Yes. There was a reason.



ETA: I forgot to mention that when I wrote The Raven Boys, I had a sticky note affixed to my computer that read: Remember that the worst thing that can happen is that they can stop being friends. 



Watch: “In case you need more convincing there are many fundamental things Bernie and Hillary agree on”


Whether it’s Bernie or Hilary who wins the nomination for the love of god VOTE for them

Unless you want four years of some bigoted and evil moron like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz in the white house


Bossuet has no luck and so makes good ‘luck’ for others. When Marius does not come to class, what good luck he has that Bossuet always answers for him in roll call. When Grantaire is sad, what good luck he has that Bossuet always brings him to the Musain and sits him down with Joly. When Combeferre loses his spectacles, what great luck he has that Bossuet is interested in his daily happenings and would like to accompany him to all of them. Bossuet is everyone else’s good luck charm and he is so on purpose.