amir khusrow (1253–1325 CE)

lmao i’m so happy and surprised to see how this thing blew up. this style of poetry is actually an entire genre in hindavi literature. it is a type of folk poetry called kah mukarni, and it involves two playful female speakers seemingly speaking about their lovers and ending in a wordplay. they’re very earthy-sounding in their folk performances, and they are traditionally sung by women. here’s another one by khusrow that i like:


p.s. these are all from sunil sharma’s translations (which is prob as good as it gets in translation)



i thought i would list some of The Best les mis quotes okay here goes

  • “being thus ironical and bald, he was the leader”
  • “beware! his hair filled with wrath, is epic”
  • “brushing one’s teeth is at the top of a ladder whose bottom is the loss of one’s soul”
  • “they amused themselves with puns which were considered terrible”
  • “mathematically!”
  • “to stray is human. to saunter is parisian”
  • “‘by the way, have you any political opinions?’ ‘the idea!’”
  • “mabeuf’s political opinion consisted of a passionate love for plants”
  • “i have just met marius’ new hat and new coat, with marius inside them”
  • “a leg of exquisite shape appeared. marius saw it. he was exasperated and furious.”
  • “‘that’s a queer fish.’ she replied ‘he’s a saint’”
  • “‘what a dentist!’ he cried”
  • “we get on well together, my coat and i”
  • “the oysters are spoiled, the servants are ugly. i hate the human race.”
  • “comrades, we shall overthrow the government as true as there are fifteen intermediary acids between margaric and formic acid”
  • “joly, perceiving a cat prowling on a gutter, extracted philosophy from it”
  • “it is immoral that a mattress should have so much power”
  • “glory to the mattress…!”
  • “my cake tires me”
  • “‘adorable!’ he exclaimed. then he blew his nose nosily”
  • “‘but you ought to have a maid.’ ‘have i not marius?’”
  • “‘all is explained. you understand.’ cosette did not understand a word.”