Adorable Albino Sea Animal Pillows by Dana Muskat

Israeli fashion designer Dana Muskat spent most of her career in Paris working for big fashion houses, including Lavin, Giambattista and Vali among others before she became a full-time toy maker. Conceived by chance, the first stuffed animal made by Muskat was for her baby niece. As a “welcome-to-the-world gift,” she gave her niece a big white octopus, measuring more than 3 feet long.

As fate would have, the former fashion designer, constructed another stuffed animal for one of her dear friend’s newborn once again. After word spread quickly about her adorably massive creations, Muskat began producing more albino stuffed animals for Big Stuffed. The humpback whale, a starfish, some sting rays, one long sardine, the sperm whale, and a huge crab quickly joined the octopus.

Lush and soft, the sea creatures are meant to be used as large teddy bears for comfort and embrace. They resemble the texture and function of a pillow. Composed of natural cotton, wool fabrics and pastel colors, each figure has a unique aesthetic. They are adorned with Big Stuffed’s trademark droopy eyes, which makes them irresistibility cute. You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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bunch of unrelated les mis headcanons because it’s been a while and I like doing that:

  • Grantaire is that one person who wears like a hoodie only in the winter. and maybe like a beanie and those mittens he borrowed from Bossuet like years ago but he got like snot and maybe blood on them last winter so he’s not giving them backl.
    • It’s barely above freezing point? screw that, he’s wearing only a tshirt.
    • he’s very hairy okay he can stand the cold.
    • actually it has nothing do to with his hair but he likes the fact that he has so much of it it’s cute. when it gets long he can braid it.
    • it’s indeed very cute.
    • he complains a lot when it’s hot though. he can’t stand hot weather.
  • Cosette collects jewellery with birds on it! one condition, no cages, though she likes it when there’s a cage but the door is wide open for the little bird.
  • Bahorel’s apartment complex has a roof terrasse and it’s his and Feuilly’s favourite place to hang out, share a smoke and talk about things, especially at night. In fact, Bahorel often invites Feuilly when he knows either (or both) of them need to relax a little – from up there the view of the city lights is fantastic. Sometimes they bring pillows and snacks and stay there for hours 
    • until Feuilly’s falling asleep on Bahorel’s shoulder, that’s it. then, there’s nothing to be done and Bahorel will have to carry him down to his couch and let him sleep the night ‘cause there’s no way he’s waking him up.
  • Combeferre is really into city gardening, especially herbs and sprouting seeds. he likes to try new kids every time, hangs the herbs outside and ends up sharing with everyone (he ends up with too much every time, even dried).
  • Courfeyrac and Bossuet can hold an entire conversation and totally say what they meant and wanted to say using only quotes from various shows and movies. They do it frequently. Joly tries but he can’t keep a straight face and always messes the quotes up.




a really dumb little thing i did back when i was obsessed with Les Mis. it’s supposed to be Feuilly/Poland + Enjolras/France double date. as you can see i can’t for the life of me draw the shapes of countries. decided to post it after i saw a text post going around talking about it. 


Gad Feuilly’s sideburns and the flowers and they’ve got little blushes