♟ For Enjolras/Feuilly?


♟ – Patching up a wound

was frowning down at the page in front of him. For the last couple of hours he
has been trying to compose a pamphlet but the words simply refused to come –
everything he wrote fell flat or rang empty. He leant back in his chair,
staring up at the ceiling, but alas the spider minding its own business in the
far corner didn’t prove all that inspirational either.

He bent
back over the paper, trying to force the words out when a loud banging at the
door broke his concentration, shattering the silence of the night. So loud in
fact, Enjolras worried it would rouse the whole neighbourhood.

concerned and somewhat irritated he darted to the door and tore it open, ready
to tell off whoever was making this unholy racket. His snarl quickly melted off
his face however: the offending knocker was no other than Feuilly.

The poor
man was clearly worse for the wear – white as a sheet, except for the places
where he was purple and blue or, most alarmingly, red. Enjolras quickly pulled
him into the room, shutting and bolting the door after him.

stumbled, legs buckling under him. Enjolras, keeping a steady grip on him led
him to the sofa and gently pushed him down. Feuilly opened his mouth to stay
something but Enjolras was already off to fetch water and bandages. Only when
he returned and helped Feuilly out of his torn coat and shirt did he ask what

‘My meeting
with the printers went well’ Feuilly started ‘Girauld agreed to print out a
batch of our flyers…’

‘That can
wait, tell me about the meeting when you’re all patched up and had a drink.
Your injuries, what happened?’

‘I was
mugged. On my way back from the press…’ his voice broke and he trailed off. He
took a deep breath and went on ‘There were two of them… I gave them my money
but they refused to believe that was all I had. I managed to break away and… well,
your flat was nearest…’

‘You did
well, coming here’ Enjolras murmured, trying with all his might to keep the
flaring rage out of his voice.

methodically cleaned the wounds and bruises, pausing to critically examine a
deeper gash on Feuilly’s forearm – presumably from a knife and, based on its
position, acquired while defending himself.

‘I wonder
if this needs stitches… mmm… Bahorel had a similar cut last month and Joly only
bandaged it… Yes, I suppose bandaged will do. Do try and be careful with it
though. And show it to Joly or Combeferre tomorrow.’

nodded with a shaky smile.

reigned for a while, as Enjolras cleared away his medical equipment and handed
Feuilly a clean shirt.

‘Come my
friend’ he whispered, lightly touching an uninjured patch of Feuilly’s arm ‘I
was just about to eat something, come and join me.’

was, of course, a dirty liar, he was planning no such thing. In fact if Feuilly
didn’t turn up he would have gone on agonising over his writing till morning.

for his part, blushed and dipped his head.

‘I didn’t
mean to invite myself over or cause any inconvenience…’

‘You didn’t.’

‘It’s just…
I was frightened and unsure if they were still following me and your flat was
the first safe place I could think of…’

‘Like I
said, you did the right thing coming here. I’d also advise you to stay the
night. You’re injured and rattled, and your flat is far away.’

was careful to keep his voice calm and clinical, as if his offer was
coming from pure logic alone. For someone so generous, who was in full support
of charity when others were benefiting of it Feuilly sure abhorred being on the
receiving end of it.

But tonight
he was rather too shaken and tired to put up a fight.

quietly laid out the table, pouring Feuilly a generous helping of the brandy
which he kept around for guests. His friend was silent, staring ahead morosely.
Finally he spoke up in a quiet, bitter voice.

‘They took
everything I had. All three francs I made today. Such astounding wealth, no?
Worth beating and cutting a man for… What horrible place must these men come
from? I know the darkness they must live in… but these poor souls must have given
up the fight against it. We have so much to do, Enjolras… I sometimes wonder if
we’ll ever manage it…’

shook his head, smiling a little despite his anger. Feuilly was truly the best
of them, thinking of the hard lives others, his attackers even, must lead even
in his distress. Enjolras, for his part, would have had no qualms about cutting
up the bastards, ideals aside.

But this
was no time dump even more negativity on poor Feuilly.

‘I do
believe that the day will come when all of mankind will live in peace and
prosperity and such acts will not occur anymore. It will come. Maybe not in our
lifetime, but soon. It will come.’

He took
Feuilly’s hand in his and smiled down at the man, willing himself to believe
his own word once more.



#I am never. never ever. over how open and soft han solo’s face gets when leia shows him even the slightest bit of honest affection #it flips this switch inside him it unstoppers this font of—something #something young and unguarded and wondering #and she’s not even flirting but she’s looking at him all open and affectionate and for all his pushing and cajoling #han solo has no idea what to do with that except return it #a hundredfold #(i love these assholes so fuckin much I’m sorrY) (via notbecauseofvictories)

So, I’ve been feeling a bit negative today and that never helps, so I’m going to focus on a positive thing for a moment before I launch back into grading.

[cut for shippy babbling]

I just watched ep. 6 of Supergirl and it’s official – I ship Kara and Kat like WHOA.  It started creeping up on me sometime around episode 4 and I was almost ready to declare after ep. 5, but it’s definitely official now after this latest episode.  Their scenes together are some of my absolute favorite scenes in the show.  And they have such a glorious slow burn set-up going on here and I LOVE IT.  *_*

So, normally I’m not much of a mentor/student shipper.  And I think that’s why I didn’t ship them right from the get-go, because they definitely had a bit of that vibe going on.  But in more recent episodes, Kat seems to be looking out for Kara, imparting wisdom to her in a way that’s eventually going to build her up to be an equal.  And THAT’S the point where I can see shipping happening between them – when Kara DOES reach the point of being Kat’s equal.

Because here’s the thing… Kara doesn’t have anyone who sees her that way.  As an equal.  Her sister loves her, but Alex is her big sister.  She’s protective of her.  And speaking as a big sister, you never really lose that protective vibe – even if your little sister attains your level and speeds past you.  James… oi.  That’s one complicated mess right there, but I think Jimmy has a bit of “big brother” complex going on with Kara, too.  And when he doesn’t have the brother thing going on, it’s a bit of a hero complex instead, which is just as bad.  Then there’s Winn.  Winn… Winn has the hero complex thing going on, too, and more than a healthy helping on unrequited crush.  He needs someone to do for him what Kat is doing for Kara.  And until he grows up, he’ll never be her equal, either.

So you have, on the one hand, people who can barely even see the person who is Kara past the shine that Supergirl throws, and on the other hand, you have people who are so determined to protect Kara that they won’t let her fully grow up and be the hero she wants to be.

And then there’s Kat.

There’s Kat who in some ways, knows Kara better than Kara knows herself.  She knows her well enough to see her weaknesses.  And in this amazing example of women supporting women, instead of using those weaknesses to squash her down, SHE TEACHES KARA WHAT SHE NEEDS TO KNOW TO OVERCOME THOSE WEAKNESSES AND BECOME STRONGER.  And that is FASCINATING to me because, in a backhanded kind of way, she does the same thing for Supergirl.  And there is some serious respect building up there between Kara and Kat – from both sides. 

I mean, Kat stood up TO HER MOTHER… and not for herself.  For Kara.  And for just a moment there, she let Kara see behind the mask.  I mean… no one says “She is excellent at her job” in that tone and with that look in her eyes and then expects anyone to buy that tossed off: “Oh, I just said it for effect.”  SURE you did.  Pfft.

Anyway, the point is that Kat SEES Kara.  And she recognizes a kindred spirit of sorts in her – a strong woman trying to stand up for herself in the shadow of the men who’ve come before her – and she wants to help her along in whatever way she can.  And I personally think that she’s going to figure out that Kara is Supergirl eventually.  It’ll happen gradually and she’s going to keep it to herself.  And eventually, Kara is going to learn to stand on her own two feet and start handing out advice right back to Kat when she needs it – because she already does, in her own small ways.  And when they reach that point of equilibrium?  THAT will be a true partnership of equals.