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I’m so tired that I have a headache and I can’t get…”

Oh god this was me last night 😦 Worst night’s sleep EVER and when I finally did sleep (not enough) I had the weirdest goddamn dreams. I hate summer so much. SO MUCH.

IT WAS AWFUL.  D:  I’ve had screwed up dreams lately, too.  -.-;;;  I never remember them when I wake up, but they’ve definitely been weird af.  I’m sorry your sleep has been messed up, too, though!  😦  Insomnia definitely sucks.

(And I’m all jittery and twitchy already, so I’m worried that tonight will be another night like last night which is NOT GOOD because I have plans tomorrow night and all day Saturday and I have a paper to write tomorrow.  -.-;;;  UGH.)

I hope you get better sleep tonight!

@kingesstropolis replied to your photo “He always looks so innocent… #ItsATotalLie #ThereIsNoInnocence…”

I love seeing pictures of your kitty 😀

Awwwww.  Thanks!  ^_^  I love posting pictures of him!  😀