66. sensorial


“What the hell – Ferre!” called Courfeyrac from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” Combeferre answered from his bedroom.

“Is ‘sensorial’ a word?” Courfeyrac asked, still in the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Combeferre answered, again, from his bedroom.

“Why not just say ‘sensory’?” Courfeyrac demanded without moving from the kitchen.

“I think ‘sensory’ is more, like, of the senses, whereas ‘sensorial’ is, like, relating to the senses,” Combeferre replied, also remaining where he was, in his bedroom.

“So they mean the same thing,” Courfeyrac concluded from his seat in the kitchen.

“Nn – it’s a bit more nuanced than that, I think –” Combeferre began from his place in his bedroom.

“THIS IS FASCINATING,” Enjolras interrupted from his own bedroom, across the hall from Combeferre’s, “BUT COULD YOU POSSIBLY CONFER IN THE SAME LOCATION INSTEAD OF YELLING SEMANTICS FROM ROOM TO ROOM?”

“Oh, maybe we ought to do that,” Courfeyrac agreed from the kitchen.

“Where do you want to continue our discussion, Courf?” Combeferre asked, still in his bedroom.

“I’m going to kill them,” Enjolras groaned, letting his head fall onto his desk.  “I am absolutely going to kill them.”