are jewish people a minority? I mean it’s not the 1940’s anymore does anybody actually hate jews?




one of the many incidents in europe (france, greece) where jewish cemeteries/memorials where vandalized


along with people of other religions (including islam, sikh, hindu, others.) jewish people dont get privileges that christian people have, meaning we, dont get guaranteed time off work/school for holidays, dont have freedom to worship without fear of judgement, wont have our faith accepted at your workplace/school, cant have a job without it being associated with your faith (“they’re a [lawyer/accountant/banker/jeweler]? well obviously, they’re jewish”), have expectations of what your career should be (“they’re jewish and they’re only working as [minimum wage job]? they should aim higher”), being referred to as “jewish” friend, the list goes on.

some extra facts just to further educate yourself on jewish people/the jewish religion:

i could go on, but im sure you get it by now. feel free to add to this post.

But can we also talk about how “being a minority” isn’t defined by how much people hate a specific group? We make up 0.2% of the world’s population and outside of Israel, the United States has the largest number (and percentage) of Jewish people and we’re STILL under 2% of the population. Antisemitism is definitely still a huge problem pretty much worldwide, but even if it wasn’t, Jews are a minority because we’re a minority. Period.

“it’s not the 1940s anymore”

And in the 1940s it wasn’t the 1890s anymore, and in the 1890s it wasn’t the 1810s anymore, and in the 1810s it wasn’t the 1790s anymore, or the 1740s or the 1650s or the 1490s or the 1280s or the 500s or the frakking 3rd century BCE.

Antisemitism did not end with the Nazis, and it sure as hell didn’t begin with them either.