How to backup your blog if you are actually worried


  • Go to
  • Create a new website. Choose whatever category you think fits your blog best and whatever theme you like. You can just choose the free plan unless you want a custom domain for whatever reason. 
  • Click Settings on the sidebar. 

Then click import at the top of the page and go to “Other Importers”


From the list that appears, choose “Tumblr”


You should be asked to log in. Once you do, all your blogs will appear in a list. 


Simply click “Import this blog” and every single one of your posts, including all of their tags, will be imported into wordpress. It will take a very very long time but it should work. You will now have a wordpress website that contains an exact copy of your blog. I would recommend changing it to “Private” in the main settings if you don’t want people thinking that it is active, because at least I know I won’t actually leave tumblr unless it really does shut down, which I don’t think will happen.


Crossposting/Importing Tumblr


As promised, resources! 

To crosspost to Dreamwidth from Tumblr using IFTT (this has been around a while, but IFTT requires programming skills I didn’t have, so it’s nice someone actually assembled the program for me)

To import an entire Tumblr to WordPress (For archival purposes primarily)

I feel like people maybe flipped out a little more than necessary, so I want to remind everyone that Yahoo tends to beat websites to death and then leave their corpses in the street – was an anomaly in that respect – so it’s not like Tumblr’s going to disappear tomorrow. If Yahoo sells Tumblr we’ll hear about it first and have time to take appropriate measures. 

(Who the fuck would buy Tumblr? Microsoft. Microsoft, owner of Bing, would buy Tumblr.)

That said, BACKING STUFF UP IS A GOOD IDEA. BACK UP YOUR SHIT. DO IT, LISTEN TO YOUR INTERNET FATHER. You know when I learned this? When in 2008 my livejournal was hacked and I lost five years of my life. I resurrected about 80%, and you know where that 80% came from? Google cache,, and notification emails people happened to have saved. BACKUPS. And even then I had to copy and paste every post and repost it backdated. It took me eight months. 

When was sold, data was lost, but more importantly, the data that remained had to be moved, which was when I discovered that about a quarter of the fanfics I’d bookmarked were now deleted, locked, or otherwise missing (this was pre-AO3 but fanfics can be deleted from AO3, and they can be deleted from Tumblr). I rescued a few from but I also lost a good number, which is why I use Evernote to archive not just the URLs but the stories themselves.  

No technology is infallible, unhackable, virus-proof, or incorruptible. Back up your hard drive, or at least the parts with your favorite music and family photos. Back up your tumblr, or at least the entries that are important to you. Love that fanfic? Save a copy of it

You know what happens to people who don’t back up their shit? They get sanctimonious but ultimately correct lectures from Reed Richards.  















A NYC grad student working on food stamps for her thesis has released a free cookbook for those living on $4/day.



oooooh this is so nice!

I believe it’s important to eat well, even when you’re strapped for cash. It’s good for your health and energy! This cookbook is full of delicious and healthy recipes, the ingredients of which are fairly inexpensive.


Boost so hard. Feeding yourself well is a challenge when you”ve got little income


(just to give you an idea, my food budget is 30 euro/week at most [about $38] and I have to maintain a healthy diet due to weird medication side-effects and yeah, basically this book is a lifesaver if you’re broke but need to watch what you’re eating)

Reblog to save a life. Because it’s easy to find food for $4/day, but most of it tends to be garden variety junkfood

So awesome



I hope this is okay to ask here (please ignore if not) — I’m Jewish and I’d really like to read more books that have a Jewish main character/s or that feature Jewish life. I’m finding it really hard to find books that feature day to day Jewish life without them dissecting Judaism or being in some way about the Shoah, if that makes sense. I guess I was mostly looking for books that normalise being Jewish somehow and I wondered if you had any recommendations?




A Wide Variety of Jewish Fiction Not Set in 1940′s Europe

It’s more than okay because I totally feel this. And it can be hard to find ourselves in contemporary lit because if the story isn’t about Jewishness or a character isn’t terribly observant, the book’s blurb and keywords often give us no hints. Meanwhile, gentile authors love to plop us down in the middle of our most famous mass tragedy, when there’s so much more to us.

So I am really glad that I can help. All of the following links go directly to my reviews, which are pretty detailed and should give you an idea if the book sounds like something you’d like.

Starting with YA, I recommend Playing with Matches (Modern Orthodox setting, about a girl trying to repair her relationship with her older sister and accidentally starting a matchmaking service) and My Year Zero (all girl love triangle.) Additionally, one of the two main characters in Gone, Gone Gone (all boy love triangle, but also about the trauma of living through the 2002 sniper crisis in Maryland) is Jewish.

Leading characters, although not the MC, of YA superstars Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda and The Rest of Us Just Live Here, are Jewish. All of those have a contemporary setting; for historical f/f YA there is the short story The Fire-Eater’s Daughter, which is set in the 1950′s in a circus and has a Jewish lead. (With that time setting: her mom is a survivor but that’s not what the story is about.)

For graphic novels, I highly recommend the Rabbi Harvey books (philosophical/funny, setting some of our legends in the American Old West),The Rabbi’s Cat (philosophical/dark; this one kinda has some of that dissection you were trying to avoid), and the Mirka books (children’s fantasy about a lot of female characters in an Orthodox setting.) And I loved the two Jewish stories in the Dates LGBTQ+ comics anthology, both of which had trans characters.

Libi Astaire’s written a number of Regency mysteries set in London’s Jewish community, both short stories and full length. My favorite was The Doppelganger’s Dance, about a violinist being gaslit by a mysterious anonymous rival, and here’s a review of one of the shorts, “What’s in a Flame?” Speaking of historicals, Heather Rose Jones’s 1800′s lesbian fantasy series introduced well-rounded Jewish characters in its second book, The Mystic Marriage, which is about lesbian scientists creating magic rocks (the Jewish characters are the alchemist’s young apprentice and her father.)

Romance can be a minefield for us but here are some books I can endorse:True Pretenses (Regency m/f, Jewish author), Think of England (Edwardian m/m suspense, gentile author.)

For short, free Jewish sci-fi online I recommend Three Partitions (nonbinary, Orthodox) and Seven Commentaries on an Imperfect Land. Grand Jeté also fits these categories but is much darker (so not as much my personal preference.)

Finally, I hope you will consider checking out my own series, which is fluffy queer fantasy set in a made-up Jewish kingdom based on South Florida where I grew up. There are three novels and two short stories published so far with @torquerepress, with a fourth book and five more shorts coming this July. A good place to start is the two Tales from Outer Lands (the shorts), because they make a good intro and focus the most on the Jewishness. This free five-panel comic I wrote with @theloserfish makes another good preview; it’s about the queen’s girlfriend trying to bake gluten-free challah with the help of the palace wizard.


@returnofthejudai is this the post you’re looking for? It has loads of book recommendations and also worth reading the comments/reblogs because other people have recommended more things!

This is useful. Thanks for tagging us.




hi, a psa

if u are a fool like me and write in google docs (??? why. love your vision.), at some point you’ve probably shoved your face under a thick comforter into pitch darkness to allow your liquefied eyeballs to re-solidify since docs doesn’t provide any default tools to MURDER THAT HELLISH WHITE BACKGROUND with and f.lux only does so much. well if you’re younger you probably don’t give a shit but after you’ve set up your 401k and find yourself proud of matching your employer’s contributions, you’re probably at that age where u leo decaprio squint at your computer screen at all hours of the day whether it’s dark or not. anyway, this exists as an add-on:


and it has those diff options on the side to keep ur pastel aesthetic intact and it helps a little bit, enabling you to go blind slower wowe isn’t that wild

Hi! Sorry to hijack your post but I thought maybe I could help with this. I suffer from chronic migraines and use gdocs A LOT for my previous jobs and currently for writing. The white background is murder and your brightness levels can only provide so much mercy.

I wasn’t aware of this add-on and I do love me some pastels, but I found out about an add-on called Dark Reader for chrome. My previous job required a lot of excel and data crunching so WHITE EVERYWHERE PAIN AUGH.

I’ll be using the images from the add-on previews since my computer is hella slow.

Dark reader is basically a color inversion add-on, but a little smarter. Sometimes it inverts photos, sometimes it doesn’t.

What I really love it is how it’s customizable

You can turnit on or off easily and set the preferences to your liking.

Absolute FAVE thing about it is that you can assign urls or websites you want darkened or excluded. So, say, you’re okay with Tumblr’s default colors you can have that excluded. Inversely, you can just put in the url of your gdoc document so that it’s the only thing inverted.

It’s been a real wonder for me and my migraines. I use it in combination with f.lux and lowest brightness settings. Hope this helps, and again, sorry for the hijack!

Dark Reader show me the advanced levels of optical comfort

How to survive the Summer with no A/C


It has been an ungodly hot summer and I don’t know about you guys but my New York apartment has no central air. Here are a few survival tips for not getting heat stroke when you live on the top floor of a walk up and the apartment has a black roof (aka, it’s ten degrees hotter inside than outside and it’s like 98 degrees outside.)

1. Freeze green seedless grapes and eat them constantly like the magically delicious things they are. Seriously guys, even if you’ve never tried this TRY IT. When they’re frozen the insides become a delightful consistency that’s sort of similar to a soft popsicle. This healthy treat will keep you cool and won’t give you indigestion like the 10 popsicles I ate in a row last summer.

2. Cold showers. Now the key to a cold shower is you can’t just jump into freezing water. You start with it lukewarm and then gradually decrease the temperature. The important thing here is to never make it so cold you start to shiver. If you’re shivering you’re actually using up precious energy. You just want to cool down your core and get your hair cold and wet.

3. Braid that wet hair! You’ve accomplished your cold shower so now take your cold hair and french braid it as quickly as possible. You want the cool water against your head for as long as you can. Now sit in front of a fan! Profit.

4. Wrap an ice cube in a summer scarf (silk or nylon or whatever), wrap the scarf around your head with the ice cube on the nape of your neck. It will melt and drip into your collar, but it’ll be totally worth it. If you really want to bask in the coldness, sit in front of a fan.

5. Get big ice packs like what you’d use in a cooler, put one at the head of your bed and one at the foot. It’ll keep your bed cooler if you absolutely have no a/c whatsoever.

6. Drink water. Lots of water. All the water you can. Just carry that water bottle around the apartment with you because chances are you’re a sweaty mess and it’s super easy to get dehydrated.

7. Go ahead and walk around your apartment in as little clothes as possible. I highly recommend a sports bra and boxer shorts. Everyone will get over it once they realize you’re a brilliant nudist who isn’t getting sun stroke.

8. Opening windows can cut down on electricity costs for fans, but don’t open the blinds or shades. The direct sunlight will heat up your room like a microwave.

9. If your apartment is just too miserable, find free or cheap places with a/c in your community. I recommend museums,movies or libraries.

10. Don’t bother trying to apply makeup or doing your hair at home. It’s too damn hot. Just give yourself a little extra time and bring your supplies to work. That way you’ll look fabulous and won’t be dripping mascara down your cheeks on the commute in the subway. And summer is also a great time for updos. Braid that mane or put it up in some way. Don’t bother straightening or curling it. It’s too hot and humid. And the less makeup you wear, the less it’ll sweat off. Wear whatever you feel happy in.



@jstor how does a post-grad person get access to those journals? I miss nerding out. 😦


1. Does your uni provide access to alumni? Check here.

2. Do you live in a city that provides JSTOR access through the public library? NYPL does, as does Boston Public Library – check your local library!

3. Sign up for a free Register & Read account – create a MyJSTOR account and get online reading access to 85% of the journals on JSTOR. Check it out how to sign up (in an admittedly silly video) here, as well as how to manage your account. 

4. Need to download? Sign up for JPASS, our subscription service for independent researchers. 10 article downloads per month, it’s $19.50/month or $195/year. More info (+10% off the yearly plan) here

5. Interested in ONLY historical content published prior to 1923 in the US and 1870 worldwide? GOOD NEWS, all those articles are freely available. Just enter a search term, click the “Journals” tab in the results page, then sort by “Oldest” – early journal articles that are free to access will have a little “FREE” icon next to the title.

6. Just need one article? Many are made available by the publishers for single purchase directly from the JSTOR platform. Prices are set by the publishers, and vary widely, so just be aware of that. 

Hopes this helps! Feel free to reach out with any questions on any of the above. 




If I could offer one piece of advice to fanfic authors and fanartists it would be:

Make your work accessible.

Choose a tumblr layout that lets people easily reblog your work. Choose a layout where the links and next page buttons are easily found. Tag all your work properly and then LINK to it from your main page. Link directly to your AO3 or DeviantArt. Don’t make people search your tumblr just to find that fic they liked. Have posts available that link to your work so that people can reblog them. Do the hard work for people and make it easy for them to share your stuff.

The harder it is to find your stuff, the less likely it is people will reblog it and share it around.

do you have any suggestions for themes and layouts and such?

I do! 😀

Personally I use Theme-Hunter to find the themes for all my blogs. They reblog direct from creators and have hundreds of options. Their Tumblr is really easy to navigate and you can go straight to the type of theme you’re looking for: say a two-column theme, or one with a side bar, etc.

Theme-Hunter also has code for pages: about pages, OC pages, Tag pages, and the like. AND they explain how to get them to work on your Tumblr, which is great if you’re not tech and code savvy.

Zelda Themes’ old library of themes also has some great layouts. I use I See Fire and was considering the Borrowers theme for the same reasons.

Tumblr also has some generic themes available for free that are good for writers. I find Easy A to be the best of them as it offers lots of preprogrammed links and options so there’s no need to edit the HTML at all.

Sometimes you’ll find a theme that is almost perfect but it’s just missing one of two elements. Fear not! There are loads of tutorials online and it’s as easy as searching Google to get that search bar on your Tumblr, or include a loading page.

And if you really can’t find something, a lot of theme Tumblrs will gladly help you out, or, feel free to message me and maybe we can look at it together.

If you’re a writer on Tumblr, you will definitely want the following on your blog:

  • Like and Reblog buttons attached to each post
  • Easily readable text in both size and colour
  • a link direct to your AO3 or account from your main page
  • a link from your main page to all your Tumblr only work 
  • Visible and obvious forward and back buttons

I would suggest a one-column theme with either a sidebar or header with visible links. Turn off endless scrolling as you want people to go far enough back through your work that their browser might crash. Don’t clutter your main page with unnecessary things. If you write for a few pairings or have several series on your Tumblr, consider a search bar or a Tags page. 

Also consider people on different platforms. For example, I don’t have a PC. All I have and all I use is an iPad and the amount of themes that just plain don’t work for me is ridiculous. If there is no reblog button, I have to go to another person who reblogged the same thing and try reblog it from them as no reblog/like options show up at the top of the page like they do on PC. Sometimes I haven’t been able to reblog someone’s work, even though I wanted to, all because of their theme not having like/reblog buttons.

You want to make a reader’s experience on your Tumblr as hassle free as possible. Imagine you were visiting someone else’s Tumblr and wanted to find a specific fic of theirs so you could reblog it. How hard is it to find the fic? Is there even a link? Then look at your own Tumblr. Can people find those links? Do ALL the hard work for your readers. Don’t give them any excuse to leave.

Les Amis and Family background


A quick rundown of what we know about Amis and their families, book-canon specific, for people looking for fic reference! 

Standard disclaimer: this is a reference, not a rulebook. Use it if it’s useful for you, ignore it if it isn’t!

Most of it’s from 3.4.1:

Their politics have nothing to do with their parents at all, in any direction:

“According to the flesh, their fathers were, or had been, Feuillants, Royalists, Doctrinaires; it hardly mattered; this earlier hurly-burly had nothing to do with them.”  (FMA translation).

(according to the flesh=their biological fathers, not metaphorical, philosophical,etc)

Enjolras and Prouvaire are wealthy and only children

Courfeyrac avoids using the de  that’s part of his family name, and which has traditionally indicated some kind of aristocracy (think Marquis de Lafayette)

Feuilly’s parents are either dead or totally vanished

Bossuet’s father is dead; very likely his mother too; he’s gotten and lost his inheritance already

Bahorel’s managed to get his parents’ respect, somehow, and : “He said of them: ‘They are peasants and not bourgeois; which explains their intelligence.’ “

Later, in Preliminary Gayeties, we have Grantaire claiming his father despised him because Grantaire is bad at math. There’s no way of knowing how accurate this is; all the above claims about the other Amis’ folks are bolstered by the narration in some way, but we only have Grantaire’s word on the math thing, and he’s an arguably unreliable narrator at the point where he says it. But there it is! 

And that’s it! Let me know if anyone needs specific quotes, wants more era reference, possible Real History background info on anything, etc.