great things about enjolras knowing both of his best friends are hopelessly in love with each other yet for some reason refuse to admit it to the other one and live happily ever after:

  • combeferre leaving the room and enjolras heaving an immediate sigh because he can feel the five minute long stream of high pitched whining noises about to come from courf before courf can even open his mouth
  • the daily routine of ferre saying “he’s never going to feel the same way” and enjolras’ deadpan reply of “right. of course. you’re only his favorite person on the planet. it’s not like he can’t sleep without hearing you say goodnight or anything. it’s not like he refuses to watch certain movies when you’re out of town because they’re ‘your thing’. it’s not like he calls you ‘mi cariño’ literally all the time. no yeah. you’re right. he practically hates you.” and cue ferre staring at him for ten minutes straight. every. single. day. 
  • enjolras resorting to drastic seasonal measures when christmas rolls around by physically attempting to shove ferre and courf together beneath the mistletoe
  • enjolras coming home to find courf and ferre cuddled up together on the couch or laughing way too hard over some stupid video game or cooking and half dancing together while making dinner in the kitchen and remembering why it is he hates them so much for being so blind so so so so terribly, devastatingly blind and he’s not seventeen magazine why can’t they just get it together on their own 



concept: instead of hedwig, Harry goes into the pet store and this little snake in the back of the store talks to him, obviously gets his attention more than the other animals, and harry feels sorry for it so he takes it home. Then the snake helps Harry throughout his years at hogwarts as harry carries it wrapped around his hand all like “pssssst, haaarryyy, the dark lord isss coming sss” or just petty shit like “haaaarrryy, now is the time, assskkk out cho chaaannngg”

The snake getting really agitated in second year and Harry like ‘Aw, what’s wrong little friend?’

And snake’s like ‘Nah don’t worry it’s cool, it’s just that big fuck-off snake in the pipes that keeps making you think you’re hearing things—it’s like, ten thousand foot long, and I’m a corn snake, so you know. Bit intimidating.’



the star wars movie NOBODY asked for



a list of things cosette likes:

  • fancy coloring books and gel pens
  • watching vlogs from her favorite youtubers
  • family traditions with valjean
  • introducing marius, who never had any traditions with his grandfather, to all of her favorite traditions with her papa
  • visiting the ocean, leaving her shoes behind, and running through the sand because it’s too hot beneath her toes to stay in one place for longer than a second
  • shopping with her friends
  • meeting marius’ friends and making them her friends, too
  • eating jellybeans
  • talking joly out for tea
  • wearing rain boots, even if it isn’t raining out
  • going “camping” in the living room on winter nights, complete with sleeping bags and disney movies and a fire in the fireplace
  • midnight movie premiers
  • taking photos
  • journaling
  • saying hello to dogs on the street


Foreign exchange student Combeferre who has always been interested in France and is super psyched to be able to travel there for an entire semester. He’s been absolutely giddy about it since he got the acceptance letter and contacted his host family.

Courfeyrac who takes Hindi because he thinks India is a really rich culture and he wanted to learn more about it as well as be able to speak in tongue. He’s given an option to house a foreign exchange student and is stoked about being able to actually ask someone from India about life over there.

They’ve texted a couple of times, but they mutually decided to hold off on social media because it’s not a fully accurate way to get to know someone. So they absolutely did not expect to see a drop dead gorgeous man standing in front of them when they meet in person for the first time at the airport.

Combeferre finds the man with a mop of curly hair and an ear to ear smile absolutely endearing. He’s wearing a bow tie that’s a little crooked and his shoelaces are untied. The sign that says COMBEFERRE in all caps is definitely not centered and the last few letters are squeezed together. Honestly, Combeferre can’t think of anything cuter.

Courfeyrac honest to god doesn’t know what to do with himself when this really tall, handsome guy stops in front of him. The top of his hair is neatly gelled out of his face where it isn’t shaved along the sides. And Courfeyrac just about dies when he notices that he’s wearing a hoodie, but the sleeves are pushed up to reveal some sort of traditional -almost tribal- patterns swirled over his tan skin.

They also don’t realize that it’s both simultaneous and mutual when they both think “shit” because this is the person they’re living with for the next few months.




I discovered a nice little coffee shop near my apartment, and instead of thinking “this is very convenient,” my first thought was my life’s coffee shop au is about to begin

Update: I was at the aforementioned coffee shop and this guy sat down next to me near the window. A pretty barista came over with his drink, and she said to him: “This isn’t right. You’re supposed to sit at the counter! You’re supposed to tell me stories!” And the guy laughed, and they both looked at the counter (where all the spots were taken) and he was like, “We could kick someone out.” And she was like, “I would do that! Which one?” And they joked around a bit more, and then she went back to the behind the counter, and as soon as someone vacated their spot he moved all his stuff over to the counter, and I realized, this is not my coffee shop au. I am in their coffee shop au. 

Be the best supporting character you can

november’s not over yet


with Apologies for What I Did, here is one last No Shame November fic.  @pilferingapples suggested Joly and/or Feuilly fluff, and @bootsssss put in a vote for sickfic, so I went with all of the above!

“I heard you were sick,”
Joly said when Feuilly opened the door.

Feuilly laughed hoarsely.  "Who
told you that?“

“Well, everyone, basically,”
Joly said.  He came inside, moving carefully so as not to upset the
stack of containers he was carrying.  "You’re lucky I was
working last night.  I thought I made it very clear that
everyone-even you and
Enjolras–was required to take proper care of themselves from now

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