honestly im so proud of myself for finishing this bc i thought for sure i’d quit after enjolras (he was the first one) anyways!!! here’s my interpretation of les amis & co. in modern/ high school au! (not college bc im a ninny) (and definitely not ripped off from the likes of @batcii)

(click for names!)

i really did try for diversity in terms of race, body, style etc etc and i know i’m not the best at it yet but if i don’t try when the feck will i be! that said, if u see an issue with it know that it was unintentional and if u’d kindly point it out i’ll do my best not to do that in the future!


design notes under the cut! :))

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i’m just thinking of like. Enjolras works in a coffee shop – part time, he’s a student. And Feuilly comes in every morning before work, getting his coffee, and they don’t chat much because it’s morning rush and they’re both busy but they sorta end up having a crush on each other. Meanwhile Feuilly works in a art&crafts supply store nearby, which Enjolras finds out after a few weeks of seeing each other every other day in the coffee shop?

anyway, one day Feuilly just sorta stops going to the coffee shop – ‘cause, yeah, Enjolras’ great and lovely and nice, but his coffee is too damn expensive. And he sorts of tell himself that he’ll go sometime, as a treat, but he keeps missin Enjolras. 😦

MEANWHILE Enjolras sorts of start going to the art&craft store more often to see Feuilly, since he doesn’t come to the coffee shop anymore. But he doesn’t want to look like – creepy weird, so Courfeyrac suggests he picks up things. Craft supplies. Pretends he knows what the hell he’s doing when talking to Feuilly. (He’s not, Feuilly picks up on it right away because they’re both terrible liars and they’re way too enthusiastic about things like politics as soon as they get started.)

the totally end up having craft nights at the coffee shop, too! Enjolras is super interested in calligraphy, to his great surprise? 

 and i’m going somewhere with this and it’s cute and slow burn and the enj/feuilly fic I wish I could write. :’)

november’s not over yet


with Apologies for What I Did, here is one last No Shame November fic.  @pilferingapples suggested Joly and/or Feuilly fluff, and @bootsssss put in a vote for sickfic, so I went with all of the above!

“I heard you were sick,”
Joly said when Feuilly opened the door.

Feuilly laughed hoarsely.  "Who
told you that?“

“Well, everyone, basically,”
Joly said.  He came inside, moving carefully so as not to upset the
stack of containers he was carrying.  "You’re lucky I was
working last night.  I thought I made it very clear that
everyone-even you and
Enjolras–was required to take proper care of themselves from now

Afficher davantage

Fifty-Two Fics | Two


2/52Rising to a Challenge
(Combeferre/Courfeyrac) (for Kim, hope you feel better soon!)


“Come on Ferre!” Courfeyrac cupped his hands around his
mouth and shouted with pride at the top of his lungs.

Combeferre limped past Courfeyrac, his hair slicked to his
forehead with sweat and his face reddened with exertion.

“Only two more miles to go!”

Combeferre lifted his head, searching for Courfeyrac amongst
the crowd lining the route. Every muscle was aching, his feet were blistered
and screaming at him, and his lungs felt like they might burst. Why had he ever
thought that running a half marathon would be a good idea? It was for a good cause,
it must be for a good cause, why else would he be out here. The hospital; that
was it. Fundraising for vital equipment.  

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