winter walk dog safety!

please wipe your pups paws after taking them on a winter walk. un-purified rock salts contain traces of heavy metals such as mercury and lead. however, most municipalities in north america use ferrocyanide (a form known to cause cancer) as an anti-caking agent to facilitate the spreading of rock salt and prevent clumping. these ice melter toxins combined with antifreeze (ethylene glycol, that’s been spilled onto roads/sidewalks/driveways) are known to irritate pets who lick their paws and ingest these chemicals in harmful quantities after their winter walks. dogs that have stepped in antifreeze will be inclined to lick it because it smells and tastes SWEET.

antifreeze poisoning symptoms:
– lack of coordination
– excessive drinking and urination
– gastrointestinal irritation
– coma, seizures, and/or death

rock salt poisoning symptoms:
– burns to the mouth
– dehydration
– raw and sore paws
– liver and kidney failure
– pancreatitis

protect your furry four legged pals this winter season!! i had a dog ingest antifreeze after licking some off someone’s driveway and it was heartbreaking watching his condition worsen while on the way to the vet. he ended up being treated and made full recovery but i would have been devastated if it was anything other than old age that took him from me. stay safe!

Fandom Policing





I really, really hate fandom policing. I hated it when I was twelve and was so afraid to read slash because OMG DICKS TOUCHING WHAT and I hated it when I was fifteen and was smuggling the yaois under my mattress so I would always have a supply of top notch garbage to read, and I am 24 and I hate it now.

Here is the thing: YOU CONTROL what you take in. I am not responsible for your consumption of Hydra Trash party noncon, I am not responsible for your consumption of pegging smut, and I am not responsible for your consumption of fluffy sickfic. I am not responsible for you consuming anything. 

I might be responsible for writing that noncon or pegging or sickfic, but I did not make you read it. I did not hand it to you, I did not give it to you. I created it, and made it available for those who want to enjoy.

If you don’t like it, if you don’t want it, then you don’t have to read it. 

That choice made, the choice not to consume a type of fic or art, also means you don’t get to drag the person who wrote it. 

That is a damn slippery slope. 

Fandom is a “safe space” but not in the way that it protects you from things that you don’t want to see or don’t like or are offended by. Fandom is, and has traditionally been, a space for people to create and explore with out being told “no” by outside media. Fandom is where you can find out if you don’t fit in the boxes society tells you to, or it you just really, really like reading about Bucky getting repeatedly rammed in the ass by Hydra agents sans lube. 

And no matter how well-meaning you are, you don’t get to tell other fans what they can and cannot write, or draw, or enjoy. 

When you start telling people what they can create or enjoy, you invalidate the purpose of fandom, and create a situation where instead of free exploration, we have something similar to mainstream media in which certain tropes or topics are not allowed. This limits the free expression, exploration and innovation so highly prized in fandom.

Maybe what they draw is illegal in five states, and highly restricted in several countries. Maybe it’s offensive, maybe it’s inaccurate, or just plain bad.

It doesn’t matter. 

You don’t get to tell fans how to enjoy fandom. You mind your own path, your write your own fic, you write meta on why x trope is offensive/problematic/bad but you do not tell other fans how to enjoy fandom.

“Fandom is a “safe space” but not in the way that it protects you from things that you don’t want to see or don’t like or are offended by. Fandom is, and has traditionally been, a space for people to create and explore with out being told “no” by outside media.”  

THIS!!! THIS is the TRUE definition of fandom as a ‘safe space’. It is a ‘safe space’ for creators.

“You do not tell other fans how to enjoy fandom.”

This needs 99,999,999 notes.

There comes a point where you, not your teachers and not your parents or guardians, are responsible for what media you consume. It’s not for others to censor themselves to protect you from what you don’t want. Heed warnings. If something doesn’t have warnings, either don’t read/watch/listen to it or search out reviews that will tell you if it’s something you would be OK reading/watching/listening to. Descending on a creator or creators and demanding they not create something or shaming them for doing so because you don’t approve is censorship and furthermore, it’s hubris of the highest order.


Shout out to all the asexuals who don’t talk about how people look because they’re afraid someone will discredit them as asexuals.

Shout out to all the asexuals who try and help their friends with their love lives but really have no idea what to do.

Shout out to all the asexuals who try very hard in every relationship they are in but still feel like they’re botching it somehow.

Shout out to all the asexuals who are told by someone close to them that they are broken.

Shout out to all the asexuals who don’t know if they’re demi or gray or what because they’ve never actually fallen in love.

Shout out to all the asexuals who aren’t sure if the feelings they have towards a person are the ‘right’ ones.

Shout out to all the asexuals who are still coming to terms with their asexuality.

Shout out to all the asexuals who try and join LGBTQA+ communities only to discover they are the only asexual.

Shout out to all the asexuals who are constantly afraid that their actions or words will come off as flirting when they’re just trying to be nice.

Shout out to all the asexuals who want to be in a relationship but don’t know if they can satisfy their partner with only feelings.

Shout out to all the asexuals who feel disgusted by sex but try not to bring it up every time their friends start talking about it.

Shout out to all the asexuals who feel constantly demeaned as if they were children because they don’t want to experience sex.

Shout out to all the asexuals who can’t find a good book with a character not interested in love – just fighting dragons.

Shout out to all the asexuals who feel constantly assaulted by the idea that ‘asexuals don’t like sex’ because that’s not the right definition.

Shout out to all the asexuals who have to deal with super intrusive questions once they come out.

Shout out to all the asexuals who have yet to come out for fear of erasure and other such cruelties.

Shout out to all the asexuals, because you are an amazing, diverse group of fantastic human beings.





A few notes:

  • Do this for every informative/news-related post you want to reblog. The fewer reblogs a false report gets, the less it spreads.
  • The best thing you can do for a false report is not reblog it at all, OR start your own post to debunk it, with a link to the original. If you reblog to debunk it, your reply will get lost in the huge amount of notes, and you will just end up spreading the misinformation further.
  • Sometimes a totally unlikely story turns out to be true! It’s even more fun to reblog it when you’ve confirmed that it’s real.

We all slip up sometimes but hey do what you can folks. Only you can prevent Tumblr fires.

As a blog that was created to debunk inaccuracies and share valid information and research, we support the recommendations in this post.

And we double-checked them before rebloging.



I’m here for the girls who unwillingly consented to sex or sexual
acts because they were in a situation where they didn’t feel as if they
had the right to say no and now feel violated but don’t feel like they
can say they were raped or molested.

this is probably one of the most important text posts i have ever
seen because i feel like this is a HUGE issue among teenagers especially
young girls in today’s social culture and nobody talks about it. nobody
tells you that you were in fact abused and sometimes it takes you years
to finally realize what happened to you was wrong, and it’s really
scary and confusing! we need to teach each other that “rape” or
“molestation” can happen in many circumstances and not just the ones we
are taught!!!!


depression symptoms that need to be brought to attention, supported and not demonized:

  • not showering/bathing for days or even weeks. (this has nothing to do with laziness – a main symptom of depression is being unable to be motivated)
  • not engaging in any social actvities
  • staying up and sleeping in till late 
  • not being able to eat
  • neglecting self care as a whole 
  • spending entire weeks at home, in the same pajamas, in the same bed
  • disregarding help/support (nothing against you. we’re just really fucking down.)

don’t shame us. we’re having a hard time managing being depressed in general.






I know it’s illegal but whenever I get antibiotics from the doctor I save a few and give them to friends or coworkers who don’t have insurance so that when cold season comes they might be able to shorten their illness

That is not good- that’s not quite how antibiotics work.

Antibiotics kill some bacteria, but don’t manage to kill other bacteria. Just like when you get a particular sickness (or a vaccination), your body can protect you from future infections, any bacteria that came into contact with the antibiotic is protected from future doses of that antibiotic. Bacteria are very virulent breeders, so they spawn more resistant bacteria.

If you take the full dose of antibiotics, your natural antibodies can deal with the cells that are resistant while the medicine kills off the bacteria that isn’t resistant. If you don’t take the full course of antibiotics, then your body has to deal with both the resistant and the non-resistant strains of bacteria, and it can become overwhelming. Also, most bacteria are able to pass on genes between still-living cells, so that previously non-resistant strains become resistant, and you have inadvertently cultivated a stronger strain of bacteria.

Furthermore, colds and the flu are viral infections, so antibiotics don’t work against them anyway. The best protection against viral infections are vaccinations, as there are not many viruses that we have developed anti-viral medication against, once you already have the disease. If there are anti-viral medications, it is even more important that you take the full dose of the medication, because anti-viral medication is even harsher against the body than antibacterial medication is.

How antibiotics work

How antiviral medication works

Spread this around; antibiotics are not candy

Yeah, not how it works at all. I get your intent there with health care access, but that’s literally worse than not taking any antibiotics for your friends, on pretty much every level.

Sharing is not caring when it comes to medication
It is risking the health of everyone involved





Different Stories Resonate with Different People


I’m glad my brother gets me. Not just saying that.

fucking amazing.