obi wan and ahsoka returning from the farmers market:) ahsoka probably showing him the latest hilarious photos of anakin (i think ahsoka would have a variety of ridiculous anakin photos on her phone)
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When Enjolras first meets Feuilly, Combeferre is jealous of the praise that Enjolras heaps upon Feuilly. How extensive your knowledge is! How enthusiastic you are to learn more! It’s Feuilly this, and Feuilly that. Combeferre has never felt threatened by Courfeyrac, whose abilities lean more towards common sense, or Joly, whose abilities lean more towards the medicinal. Feuilly, on the other hand, knows everything about everything, and he had learned it alone, with no mother, father, or school to guide him. Combeferre knows he’s being petty and knows he has to find a way to resolve his pettiness before he meets Feuilly, lest he make the poor boy feel bad for no reason than his own pettiness. And he’s being unfair besides – no one wants to be an orphan.

So Combeferre’s a total mess about his feelings, and hasn’t resolved them at all by the time he meets Feuilly. He’s dreading meeting Feuilly, his stomach hurts, everything hurts – until he actually meets Feuilly. And then Feuilly is just so enthusiastic about meeting this person whom Enjolras admires so much and who loves learning, and Combeferre is so excited to meet someone who is as enthusiastic about all kinds of knowledge as he is that they hit it right off.

Everyday, it’s like, “BRO, did you know that –” and “NO, I did not. Did YOU know that–” until the Les Amis de l’ABC meeting begins. 


Bossuet gets arrested for trying to break into his own apartment after he locks himself out. (He can’t prove to the cops that he lives there because his wallet is on the kitchen counter next to his keys.) Joly shows up with bail, but Bossuet isn’t ready to leave yet because he’s made friends with his cellmate, Jeff, and Jeff was just telling him the story of how he wound up in here (public intoxication, a police horse, and several bottles of temporary hair color), and “come on, Joly, have a seat here by the bars.” So a few hours later Bahorel’s wondering what’s taking them so long, and he walks into the police station and finds the three of them sitting on the floor exchanging Wacky Adventure Stories, and he’s just like, “Oh, hey, I see you’ve met Jeff.”