PSA for the holiday season:

A lot of people have allergies, some of which may not be immediately obvious to you while baking. Please label any mixed batches of cookies and/or baked goods you’ve handmade to dole out to friends and family this holiday season.

Thank you.


Someone with a citrus allergy who just bit a lemon cookie that looked suspiciously like a harmless snickerdoodle.

P.S. I am okay, I caught it quickly, but good lord that was too close for comfort.

Better yet: if you’re baking for friends and family: DON’T GIVE THEM THINGS THEY’RE ALLERGIC TO. Of course, if you don’t follow this rule, I just won’t eat anything you give me anyway, but cookies baked from butter or unsafe margarine are indistinguishable from cookies baked with safe margarine.

So I don’t eat them if I don’t know. (And if I can’t trust you, I will assume I don’t know)