Musicals 101

My friend Zach and I have decided to put together, starting on December 1st and ending on March 10th, a 101 day marathon of musicals. 101 consecutive days, one musical a day. I’ll be posting links to soundtracks and/or bootlegs for the shows in the tag “Musicals101″ for people who want them. It’s to expose theater fans to new shows and also have thespians be able to unite by experiencing the same shows on the same days! Above is the calendar for Musicals 101, 2015-2016, and here is a link to a written schedule.

This is an idea meant to bring people together and spread the enjoyment of musicals! Please, invite your friends to participate, liveblog your experience watching shows, watch shows with friends, listen to soundtracks, draw art, do whatever it is that makes you excited to be a thespian!