Anakin reached out and pushed Obi-Wan’s hair off his forehead. It wasn’t often that he got the chance to see Obi-Wan like this. Soft, unguarded. HIs perpetual frown gone, replaced with the openness of sleep that made Anakin’s chest hurt, just a little.

He should have expected Obi-Wan’s quiet rebellion. While he occasionally offered up a retort – Obi-Wan wouldn’t be Obi-Wan if he completely refrained from sarcasm – he often refused Anakin’s bait and the banter that had previously dominated their relationship was gone.

Anakin had known the transition from proud Jedi to cosseted war prisoner would be difficult for Obi-Wan. In the beginning, Anakin had been glad for it. He’d wanted Obi-Wan to suffer, if not pain than humiliation. But as time passed, as they began to spend time together, as he watched Obi-Wan dote on his children, Anakin’s hatred began to evolve back into the adoration he’d once felt for his former master.

Palpatine was beginning to notice. He began needling Anakin in the most obnoxious ways. The rebellion, a constant source of conflict, was growing stronger and Palpatine blamed Anakin’s perceived weakness for it. That day, after the bombing of an important trade route, Palpatine had suggested a public execution to strike despair in the heart of the rebellion.

That was what had sent Anakin to these rooms; to his small family; to his solace. Rage slithered low in his stomach and he carefully pet Obi-Wan’s hair. While Obi-Wan’s death was unacceptable, an execution might still be on the table. Palpatine was beginning to wear out his welcome and more importantly, his usefulness.

“That he would dare deny me this,” Anakin muttered, leaning down and brushing a kiss against Obi-Wan’s forehead, reaching down to carefully run his fingers first through Luke’s hair, and then Leia’s. “That he would dare suggest I give this up.”






People who get angry at asexuals who are attractive because they can’t have sex with them are ridiculous.

You don’t get angry at art galleries for displaying Renaissance art but saying you aren’t allowed to touch it. No, because you respect the fact that they are precious.

People are precious, why can’t you afford them the same respect?


just read this godammit!!!

why can’t i fuck the Renaissance art???

buddy, listen, they don’t even let me fuck the art.




Ugh I just…as much as I loved the video of Lin-Manuel and Emma Watson sorting Hamilton characters into Hogwarts Houses, I was hoping that we had maybe gotten to the point where we can stop automatically casting the protagonist in Gryffindor without any further discussion because seriously. Hamilton is a Slytherin.

Hamilton’s defining characteristic is his ambition, his burning desire to make a name for himself and to leave a legacy. It’s what motivates just about every decision he makes. That’s not a Gryffindor quality (I mean, I’m not saying that Gryffindors can’t be ambitious, any more than Slytherins can’t be brave – it’s just a much more defining characteristic of Slytherins [”And power-hungry Slytherin loved those of great ambition”]). From the beginning, Hamilton is obsessed with making a name for himself and while that allows him to make some choices that seem brave or noble on their surface, they’re all with the goal of rising above his station (consider: anything in the Revolutionary War; the Reynolds Pamphlet; even his death).

In many ways, Burr, who I also consider a Slytherin, and Hamilton represent both ends of Slytherin spectrum – both would use any means to achieve their ends, though their means are quite opposite. And for both of them, ambition and pride is their downfall, though again, in different and contrasting ways.

And in the Harry Potter universe, it becomes clearer that Hamilton would be a Slytherin. Imagine little eleven-year-old bastard orphan (son of a whore and a Scotsman…) Hamilton rolling up to Hogwarts with no name, just the burning need to make a name for himself. And when he puts the Sorting Hat on his head and tells him, “A nice thirst to prove yourself…You could be great, and Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness”, how could Hamilton say anything but yes?

(And of course, imagine little Hamilton running up to the Slytherin prefect Aaron Burr, when first-years aren’t supposed to just talk to prefects, to ask him in that piping voice, “Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?”)

(And then also imagine Burr and Hamilton many years later, facing each other, wands raised, both prepared to do whatever it took – Hamilton aiming his wand at the sky, Burr firing the curse that would kill Hamilton and break him, in the end.)

I’d go on, including more from Hamilton’s actual life instead of just the show, but instead I’ll stop here and say TLDR – #yourfavoritesareslytherin2k16

I agree with this so hard.

slytherin pride (shout it from the rooftops)




I wish straight people knew how heartbreaking queerbaiting actually is for us. Like, you’re not just teasing a relationship. You’re dangling equal representation in front of our faces, being treated like human beings in front of our faces, with amazing and varied characters whose storylines are more than how straight people kill us (bullying) disease kills us (hiv scare) or we kill ourselves due to the tragedy of our story.

You dangle it and go “am I gonna? Am I gonna? ….Lol no, a show with gay lead characters?! No one would *ever* watch that!” and don’t see why it hurts us.

Legit. The message it sends is “nobody wants to see people like you”, no matter how much anyone says otherwise.

(God Bless Bryan Fuller.)



okay jesus fuck this conversation has gone far enough so:

hey, so you like bernie sanders! i like bernie sanders too! i agree with his politics! he is doing better than people expected in the democratic primaries, which is cool!

what are you going to do if he loses?

because given the tone of the conversations i hear on this website right now– given the sheer hatred of hillary that’s emerging, given the overwhelming feeling that bernie sanders is amazing and the messiah and the only candidate that’s worth voting for in america– here’s what i see happening in mid-2016:

  • bernie sanders, who despite his better-than-expected performance still has an unbelievably low chance of winning the primaries, loses the primaries to hillary clinton
  • the leftist wing of the democratic party (that’s us– tumblr, yeah, but also the whole occupy-black lives matter-third wave feminist-young educated millennials crowd), having spent the past 10 months campaigning against hillary clinton, is overwhelmingly disappointed
  • while a few people are willing to bite the bullet and campaign for hillary, energy is low, disillusionment is high, and many leftist americans don’t campaign, don’t donate, and don’t vote (or vote for third-party candidates, like the green party or the peace and freedom party)
  • the republican party wins the presidential election.

(i literally shivered as i typed that last bullet point, btw– i know there are people voting in 2016 who were ten years old when obama was elected, and y’all may not remember much of the bush years. i was only 13 when bush left, but jesus christ– remember when hurricane katrina was overwhelmingly badly handled? remember when the patriot act passed? remember when the housing bubble collapsed? remember when the president said god told him to invade iraq? y’all wanna do that again?)

so what are you going to do if bernie sanders loses?

i need you to think about that now. i need you to not be surprised when it happens. i need you to not put all your hopes in one basket.

you think the gop won’t be pouring all their resources into this election? you think the superpacs and the koch brothers and the oil lobbyists won’t be throwing their money at ballot boxes until they spit out the result they want? you think the rich and powerful and conservative won’t be bringing their best game? 

they will, and if we don’t work twice as hard as they do– no matter who the democratic nominee is– we are fucked.

i need you to be okay with the idea of hillary clinton being president of the united states, and i need you to make peace with that before she wins the primaries, so that you’re prepared and ready to campaign for her with all your might if she’s the democratic nominee.

because i honest-to-god believe this country will not survive another four, eight, twelve years of a republican administration.

This is a good articulation of a point I’ve literally been trying to draft for some time now. Absolutely get excited about Bernie and advocate for him if you want to. 

But do not demonize Hillary in the process.

There is a still the very real possibility that she will win the Democratic primaries, and if that happens, we have to support her. Because, kids, if you think you have issues with Hillary not being as progressive as Bernie, those Republican candidates will be a whole other storm coming. 

So, please please please, absolutely support whoever you want in the primaries. But BE PREPARED TO RALLY BEHIND WHOEVER WINS. If that’s Bernie, we’ve got our work cut out for us. If that’s Hillary, we’ve got our work cut out for us. 

Either way, we’re going to have to work as a team. All of us. 


reminder that james t kirk

  • was a walking stack of books during his academy days
  • was way too immersed in his studies until he fell head over heels for a woman who he almost married
  • plays 3d chess
  • likes classic earth literature to the point where bones got him antique reading glasses
  • is basically on good terms with all his exes that we know
  • puts his crew and his ship before his love life
  • literally the only times you see him use physical seduction on female characters is when a mission or lives are at stake, with most women he is completely respectful and on the rare occasion you see him trying to woo someone in sincerity it’s rather gentle courtship

reminder that james t kirk is a giant cute nerd who happens to be a competent captain and total hottie who loves a good fight but is also super sneaky when he needs to be and i just wish the reboot universe kirk was allowed to grow and develop in ways that showed he was still fundamentally this character instead of every troubled young man trope ever 



You know the most flabbergasting thing about saying “Luke killed his father/was totally ready to do it to Prove a Point” (aside from the fact that you’re factually wrong if you claim that), and have it be something negative, is not just that he literally doesn’t do it, it’s because that if Luke had done it, it’d have been the traditional ending to his Hero’s Journey.

Luke killing Vader and Palpatine is what a traditional hero in this sort of setting would do.

And the whole point is that Luke DOESN’T.

He doesn’t kill one (or both) of the penultimate villains of the story. He doesn’t do the Right and Just and Proper thing and kill the villain, who is is father. It would’ve been treated as Tragic but as Necessary.

He doesn’t, and instead asks for a rescue, rather aborting the end of his traditional hero’s journey and turning it into something else. And you want to use that as something negative?

See this is why I find Luke and his arc much more complex than what many people give him credit for. Luke subverted many tropes, and one of them was killing the bad guy. By choosing love over revenge, and accepting his own Dark Side instead of repressing it, Luke managed to do something different and equally effective than merely killing the two villains. Some people say “What a dumbass, he threw his lightsaber away!” and it’s like: “NO, YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT!”, Luke’s greatest victory wasn’t killing the bad guy, instead it was acknowledging the darkness inside himself and accepting it as a part of him without letting it consume him completely, as well choosing love over revenge, which, given the context that the movie and the new EU has given us, it wasn’t an easy choice: prior the whole Father reveal, Luke genuinely wanted to kill Vader for revenge for what happened to his father (for what he believed), his uncle and aunt, his childhood bff Biggs, Obi-Wan, for the damage done to Leia and later Han….and even in “redemption plan” he still was a bit to succumb when Vader tried to put Leia in danger. Killing Vader would had been the easiest choice, but he chose no, and of that, he made something even better.

And that’s why Luke is awesome.

great reasons to tag your fandoms



i can blacklist that thing you love that i hate rather than unfollowing you

if i don’t know what the thing you reblogged is i will be able to find out what the thing is and then maybe we will like the same thing together





It’s really awful when people take advantage your inability to fully explain your thoughts due to difficulty translating thoughts into speech/words and use it to say they’re right because they can articulate their shitty view better.

This this this this this this