Marius and Courfeyrac for the brotp thing, I think they are very underapreciated!


Really? They’re a very popular set on my dash! Also, they’re hilarious. 😀 So here goes:

  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate

Courfeyrac steals fries. And then he adds fries. And then he adds a sandwich. Or a balloon. Or a small flower bouquet. And then he drapes himself across the table and sighs dramatically because Marius has been IGNORING HIM forEVer (it’s been three minutes). 

  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple

Courfeyrac. Marius turns the exciting shade of Violet Indignation. 

  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail

…Marius is Judging You, Courfeyrac. 

  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues

Courfeyrac. Definitely Courfeyrac. Marius pretends he didn’t hear it, and runs away. 

  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes

Courfeyrac. Marius would NEVER, gasp, also shock, How Very Dare. XP

  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk

Courfeyrac. And then he ends up cilmbing into the bottom bunk to talk until midnight anyway.

  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights

Courfeyrac started the pillow fight. The ONE pillowfight. And then Marius turned into MARIUS BLOODBARON DESTROYER OF FOES but in a pillowy way aaand Courfeyrac’s not doin’ that again, even if it was kind of awesome.  

  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush

Courfeyrac. Absolutely Courfeyrac.

…Okay Marius that ONE time but he was trying to say something else and he hid from everyone for a month afterwards.