#this is such a good delightful important scene#it shows so beautifully how far they’ve come since yavin—leia’s there joking around in a briefing#while han has actually volunteered for the most dangerous mission they’ve got#(also leia stop staring at han’s mouth in the last gif you are so obvious it’s obscene#honestly that is the look of a woman who is thinking “I could probably push him down and fuck him here no one would notice”#“I mean they might /notice/ but like”#“…….do you think it would bother him if I called him ‘general solo”’#this right here is the reason that ben is conceived on endor because after four years or so han solo figured out#the way to leia organa’s heart was daring acts of reckless bravery in the name of her Cause#once han strutted out of the refresher wearing just his medals and struck a ridiculous pose—“eh? eh???”#leia is not proud to say that she had to genuinely think about it#…………look I love these crazy kids) (via notbecauseofvictories)




I let out a very soft gasp

#‘its experiences’ did you mean:#poe dameron awake at 4AM singing BB-8 songs he makes up as he goes#poe dameron running back into a firefight to save a disabled BB-8 from certain destruction (sustaining a shoulder wound)#poe dameron speaking in binary even though BB-8 tells him he sounds absurdly stupid#poe
dameron sewing a little hole into all his tents so that BB-8 can charge
next to him while he sleeps even when they’re on recon missions
#poe dameron referring to BB-8 as ‘my friend’ and making sure his programming equips him to fully understand what that means#poe dameron always asking BB-8 to do what he needs instead of ordering it#poe dameron rewriting the astromech default programming that would force BB-8 to call him master#poe dameron rebuilding BB-8 by hand himself whenever BB-8 gets damaged#and keeping his hard drive and his audio sensors live so he can reassure BB-8 as he goes that it’s all going fine#IS THAT WHAT YOU MEANT BY ‘EXPERIENCES’#DID YOU MEAN ‘POE DAMERON’#because that’s what BB-8 would mean#‘strong loyalty subprogram’ is one way to put it#‘loves poe dameron right back’ is another (via @gyzym)


#the intimacy of this scene is insane first of all the nuances of their body language anakin allows himself so much vulnerability #with the way he falls into himself the way his body fidgets the way he’s disarming in admittance and openness #while obi wan stands with his arms crossed sill protecting himself from this boy from almost THE ASSAULT of emotions he constantly emits #mostly from this silent plea anakin radiates with i trust you with my heart with my pain with my weakness with my life what the hell even #is this entire setting they are in the middle of guard shift with situation tense and anakin just stands on the balcony soaks up the pulse o #of life of coruscant thinks about tatooine how he’s glad he is not there and yet there is gape inside him missing freedom he felt there WHAT #A PARADOX missing his mother and obi wan just watches him (like how many times does it happen) i want to understand this #not be afraid of this i want to let you in the way you let everything in but i’m terrified and then there are words and obi wan remains #shielded in body but he lets words of encouragement slip it’s not him repeating cliches for a long time i thought it is and anakin #probably reads it this way not another lecture please just be in this pain with me don’t repeat the slogans at me #we are better than this but obi wan was there in this pain in this insecurity in this anxiety how many times did he dream about qui gon #or maybe life he never had but it was there million years ago forgotten and ripped from him? but he learned #to tame this longing this guilt this pain so he offers him this peek into his own vulnerability dreams pass in time like mine did #please that’s all i have all i can give you BUT THE FACT HE NOTICES HE KNOWS of anakin’s struggle YOU LOOK TIRED jesus it’s as close to #admitting to him out loud I SEE YOU I CARE I WANT TO BE THERE AND LET YOU KNOW ALL OF THIS and then BECAUSE OF YOUR MOTHER #he heard him how many times he heard him scream for her and he didn’t go there to hold him keep him whole #maybe he sent all the comfort and consolation he can muster through force but he did not dare to go there and touch #because there would be no return from this as if he’s already not attached doesn’t care doesn’t love him ABSOLUTELY hahah #p.S. also there is no such thing as TOO MUCH SLOW MOTION when this scene is concerned tbh hehe (via watson-sighs-and-tuts)