more fluffy tricle trio thing tho (a)



Feuilly and Cosette are adopted brother and sister and, when they were very young, Fantine died. Neither of them smiled for an entire year and the Valjean household was very bleak until one day Bahorel tripped over in a Home Economics class and splattered Victoria Sponge cake all over Feuilly. Naturally, they became best friends, and then Feuilly introduced Baz to Cosette and from that point on their lives became non-stop fluff.

Imagine every single Hufflepuff aesthetic post you’ve ever seen and it applies to the Treacle Trio. Warm knitted blankets (that Bahorel made himself); freshly baked cookies; lying in daisy fields holding hands and gazing at the clouds.

Every Friday they have a onesie-and-movie night, where they all wear their matching floral onesies and watch romantic comedies whilst painting each other’s toenails and eat chocolate truffles.

They’ve been known to go in road trips in Bahorel’s beat up Ford KA (which is bright yellow and called ‘The Honeybee’, and yes this is based entirely off of my real life car, hush) and they have a Polaroid camera which they take EVERYWHERE. Cosette has a scrapbook filled with pictures of their adventures, plus various escapades with Les Amis.

They tend to wear matching clothes, especially huge cable jumpers and dungarees and flower crowns (they’re big fans of flower crowns) and are pretty much famous for their ability to find absolute bargains in charity shops (Bahorel once found a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos for €65 and cried for five hours straight).

What I love about them is that they’re always so happy and supportive of each other, and it’s basically what would happen if a Golden Retriever, a tabby cat and a bunny rabbit all became best friends.

There’s loads of headcanons and pictures and stuff on my blog (tagged ‘the treacle trio’) and I love love love talking about them so please spam me with messages and headcanons about them xoxo