Please reblog if:


•your anxiety has made it difficult for you to voice your opinion

•your anxiety has made it difficult to dress the way you want

•your anxiety has made it difficult to ask for help

•your anxiety has made you constantly worry if you are being annoying and wonder if your friends and family are valid relationships or if they just put up with you because they have to

And please know that you are not fighting this battle alone. You are worth more than your anxiety says. You matter and so does your opinion and your say.
You are awesome



fun new game: make more aromantic and asexual headcanons, but stop automatically assigning them to the most detached/unemotional characters


Listen I followed the Les Mis fandom because I like the musical and I had high hopes about reading the text but I have got to tell you those Les Mis fuckers come in handy

Like I see a nice informative post about like…popular knowledge of planets in the 18th century and I’m like hey that’s cool whys that hanging out on my dash just like mildly curious and it’s posted by someone wanting to make sure any fanfic of the Rebels is accurate when it talks about planets

Or like I just got linked to a website that sells real skulls. Real human and animal skulls. And the people is like “for combeferre enthusiasts! There’s a silk worm life cycle set!” Oh my god