Making graphics, aesthetics, etc. is fun, but you know what isn’t fun? Using stolen and uncredited pictures. I know, I know, properly crediting people is such a hassle… so what if I told you that there were great sites with completely free pictures that require no attribution whatsoever out there? Under the cut is a list I have compiled with #28 sites that contain photos with no copyright restrictions or watermarks, sorted by quality and each with a short description. Please like and/or reblog if you found this useful!

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Gif Tutorial


Ok so this tutorial is for this anon (x,x) who asked about giffing. pls this is my very best attempt at trying to teach pls 

So for everything, I use Photoshop CS5, though any version works; however, I do think that CS5 is the best for giffing. For this tutorial all you really need is photoshop and maybe video editing/clipping software.

I’ll be making this to show you (tutorial under cut):


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