the politics of light and dark are everywhere in our vocabulary…psa to writers: subvert this, reveal whiteness and lightness as sometimes artificial and violent, and darkness as healing, the unknown as natural

Some ideas for bad things that are white/light:

  • lightning, very hot fire
  • snow storms, ice, frost on crops
  • some types of fungus/mold
  • corpses, ghosts, bones, a diseased person
  • clothing, skin tone, hair, etc. of a bad person
  • fur, teeth, eyes of an attacking animal/monster
  • bleached out deserts, dead trees, lifeless places
  • poison

Some ideas for good things that are black/dark:

  • rich earth/soil
  • chocolate, truffles, wine, cooked meat
  • friendly animals/pets/creatures
  • a character’s favorite vehicle, technology, coat, etc.
  • a pleasant night
  • hair, skin tone, clothing, etc. of a good person
  • undisturbed water of a lake
  • the case/container of something important
  • valued wood, furniture, art
  • velvet

Think to burn, to infect, to bleach vs. to enrich, to protect, to be of substance.


Prouvaire/Bahorel, rhythm?:D



soooo not quite The Prompt, but I incorporated the word at least? >.> I am rusty at these two. please forgive me. 🙂

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aaaah I love it! The feeling of a lazy Morning After (after what? does anyone even really remember?) ,the affectionate mutual snarking,the horrible decor, it’s all great. Thank you!


For Despard who, when I asked if I could draw her something (for her invaluable help with the Les Amis poster!), requested, “Enjolras fighting…or Courfeyrac…swords or canes or anything else :)”. So er, Enjolras *and* Despard’s russet-curled Courfeyrac (because mine could never have achieved that pose without popping half his buttons off), having a go at Canne de Combat. It’s actually based on what seems to be a standard move, although all the shots were taken from the side, and I wanted a more dramatic low-angle shot that showed E mid-jump… of course this means that all you get to see of C is his back… sorry. Oh, and it’s anybody’s guess why the hell they’re doing this in some deserted hall, late at night. Make up your own story. 😉

[C ain’t surrendering his waistcoat under *any* circumstance. Hey, at least the top hat came off.]