au where luke and leia were raised by their mom padme and their two dads anakin and obi-wan


their cool lesbian aunt ahsoka comes over sometimes to spoil them

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wow what is this??? another tarot card??? finally??? looks like it !!!

the nine of swords, featuring jean valjean’s three-a.m. pre-arras dilemma time

(i realise that unlike when i managed the two of cups, there are not nine swords in here. please forgive me. nine is a lot of swords.)

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Ooh I love the contrast of the fire and the warm wood floor with all the cool colors of the wall and his suit! Having his face hidden works really well for this, too. 


These Star Wars drawings of mine have been around for a while… I’ve seen them re-posted SO MANY TIMES, uncredited, misinterpreted… but as owner I’ve never really made a post with all of them, so here it is.
And, once and for all: these were made for fun and for having a good laugh in imagining Anakin and Padmé dealing with little Luke and Leia.

I’d never want to change the canon, honestly.
But hey, having fun is good. For the record, most of these were made almost two years ago in about a hour or so during my breaks between a hell of a job I was doing back then.
So, nasty part of the Star Wars fandom, please stop being so damn serious about it! Thank you 🙂

With that being said, thank you very much to all of the people who enjoyed these on Deviantart, or reblogged the uncredited posts with putting a link to the original ones and stuff. Thank you!! 🙂

Hope you enjoy these oldies! 😀


Les Misérables & colours (6/?): Jehan + pale green

Green is a symbol for balance and harmony, reneval and rebirth. In pale shades it is the colour of new growing plants and youthfulness. It inspires hope and generosity while being observant and compassionate yet more reserved than other colours.



He was, himself, moreover, composed of two elements, which were, to all appearance, incompatible. He was ironical and cordial. His indifference loved. His mind could get along without belief, but his heart could not get along without friendship. A profound contradiction; for an affection is a conviction.

Adventures in screecaping: Los Mis edition



i mean just look at them

fucking daniel fallen-angel-enjolras diges and his pretty wig

if could your wounds with lots of cuddles…

cool gloves btw

it’s an adventure alright


..maybe not

okay i’m done

reblogging for SO MANY REASONS but also because that one scene of Javert and Enjolras both looking like they’re trying to figure out what the heck that thing on the ground is, that makes me happy all out of context.