Fandom History.  Someone posted a while ago asking about how we rewatched stuff in the olden days.  And VHS was the answer.  I still have this box of VHS tapes in the corner of my spare room.  It’s every episode of Due South taped off of TNT’s afternoon reruns, that I kept as a collection.  Plus some random tapes that have The West Wing or Buffy or the X-files episodes on them that I would use to take the week’s episode and rewatch before I made my highly insightful points on message boards.

Also the Star Wars VHS are from the early 90s.  They might be from the first commercial release on VHS.  My grandmother got them for me for Christmas one year.  She was a difficult person but this one gift she actually really tried to get me something I would like.

Fun fact. In Australia before we had anything better than dialup, we would book out a lecture hall and screen three or four eps of Babylon 5 that a friend in the states taped into vhs for us and sent, in the mail. And we’d show the whole tape to a room of maybe 300 nerds. And you only ever found out by word of mouth that a tape had arrived, so we technically were running a geek speakeasy for B5

As my friend Anne put it, you ran a geekeasy.