Do you think that during those 20 years Obi-Wan lived on Tattoine, he looked at everything he was surrounded by and thought of Anakin? That he saw the sand and remembered that Anakin hated sand? That he looked around and remembered that that was where he had first met Anakin? That he watched the podraces and remembered Anakin’s crazy reckless flying and how much he loved podracing?

Do you think he saw Shmi’s grave and realized that he’d never met Anakin’s mother? Do you think he visited her and talked to her about Anakin? Do you think he recounted all of their adventures to her and how much Anakin had driven him up the wall? Do you think he told her that they were best friends and that he was so happy to have known him and that she had raised a great boy? Do you think he told her about how he had failed Anakin and let him be destroyed by the Dark Side?

Do you think he watched Luke grow up and think that that was how Anakin must have looked like as a baby and then as a young child? And then when Luke got into the ages where Obi-Wan had known Anakin, do you think he’d sometimes have to do a double-take because Luke reminded him so much of Anakin?