–  The Clone Wars: Wild Space (2008) by Karen Miller



(via “Sons Of Adventure”)

“Sons of Adventure,” performed by Aaron Tveit & Zachary Prince (from the forthcoming An American Victory studio cast album)


I’m aware alot of people like this (Ref) scene as exR, but c’mon, if R’s rolling around in paint with any of the amis, it’s gonna be Feuilly.



Star Wars: Comics vs. Movies.

Yes, but the point is: which one hurts us more?

Luke the Jedi, strong in his conquered suffering, carrying the lifeless body of a man who was once prone to striding as proudly as Luke does now, strong and untouchable, but is now brought low and helpless by a final act of love. A stoic hero holding up a spent sacrificial victim.


Luke the boy, recently tortured within an inch of his life, dragging a weight too heavy for him, but still struggling on with all the painful determination of a lonely child who’ll do anything to hold on to the dying father he has finally truly found again.


Uh oh, you just died and now your family is planning what your tombstone will say. They decide to use your last outgoing text message… What’s your tombstone say?







My last text says “Aw, thanks!”, which sounds fine to me.

“regret” wow….. #me

haha mine would say “yes, yes, Im just leaving this here to anyone that still have any question.”

Mine would be “Just need the rest of the New Warriors!”

………sounds about right.


“See you soon”

“I’ll be there!”


there are so many subtle things in this scene with the context of gabe being what he is

dan saying “i’m holding on and i won’t let go” as he tries to explain to diana that he wants to help her and not lose her, and then later dan repeats “i’m holding on” and gabe sings “and i won’t let go”

gabe’s laugh when diana starts yelling at dan

gabe pretending to be gentle and good as he holds diana’s hand

gabe throughout the show always wearing the same color as the person he’s interacting with and in this scene it’s the same colors as dan, not diana

diana running to gabe’s arms, and gabe mocking dan for that

dan, a man who has spent years denying his own mental illness, saying to diana “tell me what to do” and the personification of mental illness answering “look at me”

If Anakin had stayed on the Light side


– Don’t imagine him crying in Obi Wan’s arms after coming so close to the Dark side 

– Don’t imagine him by Padme’s side as she gives birth and curses his name so loudly everyone back on Tatooine can hear her 

– Don’t imagine him holding Luke and Leia in his arms and knowing that he made the right choice and that nothing in the universe can compare to his children 

– Don’t imagine him finding out they’re Force sensitive and being scared they’ll turn out like him 

– Don’t imagine little Luke and Leia falling asleep against his chest 

– Don’t imagine Anakin braiding Leia’s hair 

– Don’t imagine Obi Wan spoiling Luke and Leia because they’re basically his children too 

– Don’t imagine him and Padme attempting to remodel the Jedi Order and Senate together 

– Don’t imagine Obi Wan teaching Luke and Leia how to use a lightsaber 

– Don’t imagine Anakin showing his children how to pod-race

– Don’t imagine Anakin looking at his family one day and knowing that he couldn’t have asked for more. 

– Don’t imagine that this is what Anakin sometimes thinks about when he’s in his mask, wondering what could’ve been