The main character of Les Miserables is not Monseignuer Bienvenu or Jean Valjean, or Fantine, or Gavroche, or Marius, or Cosette, but the person who invents them and tells their story, this insolent narrator who keeps cropping up between his creation and the reader.

Mario Vargas Llosa, The Temptation of the Impossible 


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As a new comer to the Les Mis, Barricade Day seems to be the one time of the year when the Les Mis fandom acknowledges that, yes, all those characters died horribly and bloodily in a failed revolution, and just wallows in it’s angst. The rest of the year we’re very happily sailing down a river in Egypt talking about Enjolras’ beautiful hair.




he was on TATOOINE you fucking loser

Obi-Wan can find an invisible planet hidden by a devious Sith Lord, Anakin can’t find his ex-best friend on his own home planet while the guy is still using his own damn name.

I know we give Obi-wan a lot of shit for leaving Luke with his real surname but Anakin really is that stupid

I think about this a lot.




If someone tries to tell you that Les Miserables is a serious novel just remind them that one of the characters thinks he’s dating France.

Also, one of them headbutts a tree at some point

yes and he does this for THREE HOURS while his girlfriend sobs beside him the entire time

the signs, first impression/ when you get to know them


Aries: kind, helpful and very confident/ fucking bossy but gets shit done

Taurus: cute, quiet and sweet/ strong minded and a giant shit talker

Gemini: funny, loud and annoying/ emotional trainwreck that hides it w/ humor

Cancer: nice, emotive and happy/ giant nerd that makes bad puns

Leo: warm hearted, giving and generous/ stares at the floor a lot, likes hugs

Virgo: shy, anxious and talented/ nice af and always thinking about space

Libra: beautiful, social and oblivious / super intelligent and really clumsy

Scorpio: grumpy, distant and a bit rude/ totally cute, dorky ball of anxious fluff

Sagittarius: strange, optimistic and hot/ really attached to their music, ditzy

Capricorn: passive, well liked and adorable/ super aggressive when mad

Aquarius: super smart, quirky and stubborn/ will love you no matter what, total sweetheart

Pisces: weird af, shy and artsy fartsy/ totally talented weirdo who gets excited by art supplies