You think I think that an artist’s job is to speak the truth. An artist’s job is to captivate you for however long we’ve asked for your attention. If we stumble into truth, we got lucky, and I don’t get to decide what truth is.”

Tabatha Fortis (Laura Dern), The West Wing, “The U.S. Poet Laureate”, S3E16



The West Wing 1×01, Sep. 22, 1999 // Ted Cruz, Jan. 14, 2016

From The West Wing Weekly podcast:

Hrishikesh Hirway: In that scene, the Mary Marsh comment about their New York sense of humor.
Joshua Malina: Which of course made me immediately think of Ted Cruz.
HH: Right! With his comment about Donald Trump. “We all know what New York values are.”
JM: This is another West Wing ‘still relevant today’ moment. A prescient moment.


Top 15 West Wing Relationships (as voted by my followers)

8. Jed Bartlet and Mrs. Landingham
     “Look at you. You’re a boy king. You’re a foot smarter than the smartest kids in the class. You’re blessed with inspiration. You must know this by now. You must have sensed it. Look, if you think we’re wrong, if you think Mr. Hopkins should honestly get paid more than Mrs. Chadwick, then I respect that. But if you think we’re right and you won’t speak up because you can’t be bothered, then god, Jed, I don’t even want to know you.”

Combeferre: [on the phone with the New York Times] 17 across. Yes, 17 across is wrong… You’re spelling his name wrong… What’s my name? My name doesn’t matter. I am just an ordinary citizen who relies on the Times crossword for stimulation. And I’m telling you that I met the man twice. And I recommended a pre-emptive Exocet missile strike against his air force, so I think I know how…
Courfeyrac: Combeferre.
Combeferre: They hang up on me every time.
Courfeyrac: That’s almost hard to believe.