What about Feuilly taking his two free afternoons every week to spend a couple of hours in the vacant lot around the corner from his apartment–digging up the ground and picking up cans and broken class and potato chip bags–and putting a little garden in there? The squash he plants are a disappointment–two hills don’t come up at all and something eats the third before it produces flowers, but he does get a few marigolds coming up along one side. and even though every time he comes out [1/2]


[2/2] to work on it, somebody has thrown new trash there, he still likes being able to do some concrete work to make his neighborhood a little better. (Combeferre gives him some bulbs to plant there and Feuilly thinks they’re pretty but doesn’t realize until a year later that bulb flowers are perennial–and then he almost starts to cry when he realizes he’s left a mark in his neighborhood. People will see and enjoy those daffodils year after year, even long after Feuilly himself is gone.)

oh no…. just the though of him putting so much care in that little bit of land and making it look nice and grow things and nurture it until the land itself gives back to the citizen with flowers and vegetable and fruit (I bet he tries to tomatoes, too, because those are easy, and after some years (and a lot of encouragement) he manages to get it to form a community garden that the whole neighbourhood can participate in!