Me before fandom: okay so this one’s enjolras, right? Who are all the others?
Me now: did you see in hour 2 minute 12 that snippet of Feuilly’s sideburns looking glorious because I did


I didn’t understand why people care about their dumb Padawans until I got a dumb Padawan myself. I’ve only known Ahsoka for a day and a half. But if anything happened to her, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

Anakin Skywalker at some point, probably. (via jediknghtrey)

Joly: Wait, you wanna turn invisible and take a nap, don’t you?
Grantaire: Think about it, Joly, the ability to nap whenever I want, and no one can ever find me. Invisible nap is the best nap of all time.
Joly: No man should have that kind of power.
Grantaire: I would be completely unstoppable.
Joly: Actually, you would be the exact opposite of that.
Grantaire: Totally stoppable. Already stopped.