*whimper*  OMG, I don’t know what the fuck I did to myself yesterday, but EVERY MUSCLE GROUP ACHES.  Like, things ache so much my hands are trembling and making it hard to type.  D:

And my head aches and my ears ache and my face aches because FUCK GLASSES, THAT’S WHY, and my contacts are so beyond their last legs that I can barely wear them for 6 hours before they dry out and give me trouble and the new pairs I ordered won’t be in until tomorrow, so I’m stuck in my glasses for a while, but EVERYTHING ACHES.


I think this is maybe a cue that I should just take off my glasses and bury my nose in a book for the day, even though I have a paper to write and fic to write.  *sigh*

But damn it, I HURT.  And I hurt worse when I get up.  And there’s a definite storm brewing, so that’s not helping.  UGHHHHHHH.  Stupid body.



Les Amis Posters 

After @christine-enjolras requested to see Courfeyrac and Grantaire’s posters after the original post which didn’t include Feuilly, Courf, R or Marius, I decided to actually finish the whole group. So here they are!  

They are all available for purchase on my redbubble page here. 

King Brahmwell and Elmont, feat. Jack and Isabelle’s hands; Jack the Giant Slayer

I’m telling you.  The looks these two share will be the absolute end of me.  They are such proud, happy parents in this scene.  It’s ridiculous.  It really is.  And I love it.  And I may be on this ship alone, but damn it, I’m determined to enjoy the ride.  ;D



The Philly production of Hamilton is looking for men AND WOMEN to play Burr and Washington

The hit musical Hamilton has opened up auditions in Philadelphia and is looking for both male and female performers for the roles of Aaron Burr and George Washington, according to a casting call on Backstage. Back in January, Lin-Manuel Miranda gave us a taste of an all-female Hamilton. (Video within)

I will travel wherever I’ve got to travel to see a woman play Burr.



bye i love this

Man: Siri, what is 1 trillion to the tenth power?
Siri: Calculation. The answer is one zero zero zero zero zero [continuing]
Man: *starts beatboxing to the rhythm.
Woman 1: *joins in*
Woman 2: *starts singing to the rhythm*