The main character of Les Miserables is not Monseignuer Bienvenu or Jean Valjean, or Fantine, or Gavroche, or Marius, or Cosette, but the person who invents them and tells their story, this insolent narrator who keeps cropping up between his creation and the reader.

Mario Vargas Llosa, The Temptation of the Impossible 


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“Peter and the Starcatcher” by Rick Elice

At the New York Theatre Workshop, 2011

Starring Christian Borle, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Kevin Del Amico, Arnie Burton, Adam Chanler-Berat, Cameron Elrod, David Rossmer


Few things turn me into more of a Musical Theater Nerd than Terrence Mann and Hamilton, so this is checking a LOT of boxes for me today. Check out @tuckmusical taking a crack at #Ham4Ham

Oh gosh.  Someone favorited a thing and started following it and me on and I went to look who it was and I’m like… I KNOW THAT NAME and it was exactly who I thought it was and the point is that I’m having massive squeaking nostalgia for my time in the Mighty Ducks fandom, right now.  And I want to write all the fic for my boys.  I miss them.  And everyone I knew in those days.



(Don’t mind me.  I have these massive fits of MD fandom nostalgia at least once a year.  *wistful sigh*  I’m good.  Really.  I’m good.  -.-;;;  Anyway, if any of you out there are long ago readers of my And the Fox… fic – hi?  And feel free to stop by while I’m feeling nostalgic?  ^_^)

Digital Intimacy


  • knowing when your friend is out of the house, because their phone capitalises their messages
  • noticing they’re down because that was the wrong emoticon
  • lol vs lmao vs hahaha vs ahaha
  • subtly wrapping your schedule around the edges of timezones on the other side of the world
  • conversations that play out over a week because you’re both perpetually idle but you want to know how they’re doing
  • not being able to wake up for an alarm, but leaping halfway across the house for the message alert you’ve been waiting for

  • talking to the same person about different topics in three conversations simultaneously
  • knowing when your friends have been spending time together because they start to type alike 
  • watching them start and stop typing over and over and not interrupting, because this must be important




That’s it, now you know everything.

This has probably been done already, but oh well. I love these gals, so I wanted to share my arcane knowledge.

dysfunctional family goes on a road trip = best description of Tsubasa ever

I am giving in and reblogging this one even though I think everyone in my flist who cares has seen it already, just because I still can’t believe it’s a post that mentions everything CLAMP /and/ pokes fun at them in a GOOD, NICE way, /and/ doesn’t shit on a single series of them


in a galaxy far, far away challenge 

  • {day 4} favorite relationship: anakin & obi-wan & padmé