Does anyone else get really caught up on the small details in their writing? Like you can be really good at writing situations and feelings and characters, but you get to a point when you’re writing something small like what they’re making for dinner and before you know it, you’re googling recipes with tomatoes because you think the scene won’t be convincing unless you know the cooking time and temp??

And then you use like, 5% of it in your ACTUAL writing?

this. my life. Oh god.



my biggest pet peeve wiht the english language is that you don’t have sin/sina

in swedish if u have two people who use the same pronoun u can always tell whos doing what bc its like ‘han tog sin väska’ (he took his[own] bag) and ‘han tog hans väska’ would be that he took the other persons bag

but in english its like if u have 2 ppl w/ the same pronoun:

“she took her bag” whose bag????WHose BAG was it her OWN bag or the other her’s bag??????????????

“he ate his donuts” were the donuts his own???? did he fucking eat someone elses donuts??? YIU DONT KNOW bc english is a bullshit language 


OK.  *cracks knuckles*  I have TWO exchange fic to get done today.  TWO.  One of them before 3:00 PM.  O_o;;;

If you catch me on here before I’ve at least finished one of them… kindly shoo me away?

AHAHAHAHA– omg.  -.-;;;  1300 words and I JUST got to the prompt line.  O_o;;; 

Of course, now I’m all kinds of worried that I spent way too much time on other characters and there won’t be enough of the prompt in the beginning of the fic to make the recip happy.  ARGH.  Well, it’s too late to change course now.  *sigh*

Me, writing: Have I already had someone shrug recently? Yeah I think she shrugged like two minutes ago already. I’m pretty sure I’ve written someone chuckling like five times. Everyone chuckles so goddamn much. Maybe everything is just super amusing here. How about I switch it up a bit and have someone raise an eyebrow curiously yeah that’ll work hell yeah