Not sure, but i think you’re the one you said road trips weren’t easy to make happen in fics so; What are your headcanons about a road trip AU? :D



I probably said that! Even if I didn’t, I think they are, but that would definitely depend on what you’d like to read. Almost everyone road trip fic I’ve read was mostly about how which character acts in the car itself, the bickering and the mom friend threatening to turn the car around, etc. And that’s kind of boring to me? I mean, a little of it is fine, but it gets old pretty quickly.

Okay. Les Amis road trip, hm?

Let’s say they’re all going to an important protest across the country. Or continent. Either way, everyone has week-long break (magically! it’s a vacation), so it’s a good opportunity.

“Let’s just fly over there,” someone, Enjolras maybe, says.

Combeferre nods. “It’ll give us time to visit the city while we’re there too.”

Both Bossuet and Feuilly pale a bit at that; Bossuet hates flying and while neither of them can afford a ticket, and while Bossuet could be convinced, Feuilly definitely isn’t going to let anyone pay for him.

Courfeyrac notices, and without drawing attention to them, suggests something else. “How about a road trip? That would be way more fun!”

“And we’d get to enjoy the scenery more,” Prouvaire pipes up. He loves watching the scenery, it inspires him – to him, the trip itself would be worth it if they go through less travelled road.

(”This isn’t supposed to be fun, guys,” Enjolras frowns, but everyone seems excited, immediately planning the itinerary , sights to see, places to stop, snacks to bring. Oh well. He rolls his eyes fondly and gets his phone out, checking which hotels they could stop at that would fit everyone’s budget.)

They pile in in three different cars; actually, only three of them have cars that are reliable enough: Courfeyrac has a populare, fashionable and relatively practical car, either a Honda Civic Touring or a Volkswagen Golf Highline; Combeferre something nice like a Hyundai Veloster or a Fiat 500 and Bahorel has a red Jeep Renegade, I mean come on.

They don’t each have a spot in a particular car, besides the driver. They’re not organised enough for that. .. which means they do forget someone at the rest stop and/or hotels at least once.

Rule: no one is every allowed to take off their shoes inside the car. It’s a question of survival.

Courfeyrac takes so many pictures, guys – Joly, Bossuet and Grantaire always make goofy faces in landmark pictures. He also take pictures in the car, of Bahorel sleeping with a little drool on the side of his mouth and Enjolras, Combeferre and Feuilly cuddled up together in the backseat.

Combeferre and Feuilly always slow down the entire group because they have to read everything in every little local museum they stop at.

Joly is definitely the one who has to stop for a bathroom break nearly every hour. (“You drink too much, Jolllly.” “The car’s hot! Hydratation is important!” “Joly you’re drinking fruit punch. It’s more sugar than liquid.” “So?!”)

At one point they stop near a lake; it wasn’t planned, and while they all have changes of clothes no one brought their bathing suit; but Bossuet and Grantaire end up throwing each other in the water so everyone strips to their underwear/tshirts and just enjoying the water for a couple of days.

At one point, the motel they were supposed to stop had didn’t book their rooms right, and there was no vacancy for them.

“Okay,” says Enjolras firmly. “Forget the motel. The weather is nice, we’re going to camp in that field next town over.”

“Illegaly,” Combeferre raises an eyebrow.

“Yes. Civil disobedience. Besides, this place is nearly deserted. As long as we’re quiet no one will notice.”

None of them gets much sleep that night; they just lie around, quietly chatting and watching the stars. They leave as soon as the sun starts rising and need an industrial quantity of coffee to get through the next day, but they all agree it was a godo decision.


Also like… everything else.



best things about the childhood best friends/friends to lovers trope

  • casual displays of affection
  • sharing a bed because “we’ve been doing it since we were kids”
  • platonic cuddling 12/10 times that a bed is shared… totally platonic…
  • that thing where they lay down and one person is lying perpendicular to the other with their head on the other’s stomach u feel
  • casual displays of affection
  • late night deep talks (a rooftop setting optional)
  • “i know you better than i know myself”
  • saying i love you to each other thinking the other person means “only as a friend/sibling” when no they mean romantically
  • calling the other person “home”
  • laying their head on the other person’s shoulder
  • forehead/cheek/temple/top of head kisses
  • super tight hugs where one or both “feels safe”
  • pet names/nicknames/referring to the other as “my (person’s name)”
  • missing the other person whenever they’re not around more than best friends probs should
  • trusting each other so easily so effortlessly bc it’s second nature
  • literally just?? the fact that they’re best friends?????
  • “i’ve always loved you” / “i have loved you all my life”
  • basically pretending everything is casual and totally platonic when really they love each other so much i’m trash bye