okay, so I see your high school art teacher AU with grantaire, but now imagine that all of r’s and e’s students totally shipping them and are all placing bets on when they get together. everyone in the school is very invested in this relationship.


Nah mate : they would archenemy ship

They would keep tallies of the little
spikes they let out about each other. They would report to one the shit
that has been said by the other. They would LIVE for
passive-aggressive confrontation at the cafeteria when Enjolras has
to sit on the same table as Grantaire for Joly’s sake. They would
create a whole mythos around the enmity.

Legend has it that Grantaire once
dropped a pot of paint on Enjolras’ car. ~~accidentally~~. Another
says Enjolras once broke into Grantaire’s classroom and pinned every
single pages of the Communist Manifesto to the wall.

Except one day, the kids got behind the
school to their favorite secret smoking spot and see Enjolras and
Grantaire furiously making out against a wall.



Courferre AU stuff


They’re neighbours and haven’t properly met. One day, Courf comes home devastated because of a bad date and cries for hours against his wall, until a little knock at the door makes him open it, just to find that stupidly hot neighbour handing him biscuits very awkwardly and muttering “I heard you weren’t OK so… you know…” and it’s just too much to handle for poor little Courf’s heart. As soon as he has taken the biscuits, Ferre disappears in his own apartment because this nerd is so ridiculously shy.

Anyway, the biscuits make Courf feel a lot better and on the next day, he passes a note under Ferre’s door to thank him. Ferre answers the same way, and they spend an awful lot of time communicating together like this, until they give each other their phone number, and until they finally decide to have a proper dinner together even if they’re too … blind to realize it’s an actual fucking date.

Do not mock Courf for spending 4 hours choosing his outfit, because Ferre needed 7.

Absolute fluff ensues.