What’s with all these grimdark AUs of Les Miserables I’ve been seeing lately? Like I saw this one where they killed off Enjolras, Joly, Grantaire , Bahorel, all of the barricade boys. And even Gavroche! Like I don’t want to insult anyone’s writing but that’s gratuitous. Like killing off one character? Sure, fine. But every single one of the barricade boys? I don’t get it. Why don’t people run with the canon ending, where they succeed at revolution and Jean Valjean adopts Eponine, Gavroche and Azelma, and Enjolras and Grantaire finally smooch and Bahorel adopts a puppy with cute little feet and a very wiggly nose? Do they find that boring or something?

I guess I’ll just never understand…

It’s baffling! I mean those grimdark endings totally miss the beauty of Feuilly and Combeferre opening a traveling library once the Republic’s steady, and why would you NOT want to have that? So strange.