Hey so I’m having an argument with my friend on why he should eat breakfast, and now I’m wondering what the Amis and co eat for breakfast. Any head cannons so that I can shove them in his face as evidence?


  • Enjolras: Good ol’ baguette bread and jam. A classic. With a jug of coffee. One sugar if he feels wild  that day
  • Combeferre: For some reason he likes those dry crumbly bricks of the devil called Weetabix. He pairs them with banana slices and honey so it’s not so bad. Watch him eat them dry during finals
  • Courfeyrac: The sugariest cereals he can find in the breakfast aisle. Bonus point for colours
  • Joly: Healthy oatmeal with organic ingredients, from the milk to the fruits he puts in
  • Bossuet: Oversleeps and wakes up too late for breakfast
  • Grantaire: Milk and those breakfast cookies that claim they are good for you, but they’re not. He doesn’t care, they’ve got chocolare chips, that’s all he’s interested in
  • Jehan: Those gorgeous breakfast smoothies with chia seeds and such. They’ve got an instagram for that. 
  • Feuilly: Breaks the NO SALTY FOODS FOR BREAKFAST WE’RE FRENCH rule. Will basically eat anything that comes in any consistance and taste. Once ate cold pizza for breakfast under everybody’s horrified stare. Bahorel calls him a godless heathen
  • Bahorel: “You can’t put whipped cream and chocolate spinkles in your cereals” “Fucking watch me”