Little Combeferre and Grantaire Things


  • Spending sleepless nights on the roof, talking about space and mythology and aliens
  • Grantaire helping Combeferre study anatomy because it’s interesting and useful in exchange for help on his math homework
  • Ferre allowing himself to be dragged out to parties he normally wouldn’t attend because Grantaire is going and is by himself and SOMEONE has to make sure that man makes it home in one piece
  • Constantly sharing sci-fi/fantasy books
  • Star Trek and Lord of the Rings marathons
  • They pass notes in Elvish during meetings, and it’s SO frustrating
  • Combeferre tried to one-up Grantaire once by writing Black Speech (orc) in Elvish script and got back “You fool no one” in Nordic runes
  • They poured hours into the structure of the Ancient Language from Eragon to make it a functional form of communication
  • Grantaire is a dirty memer, and so is Courfeyrac. They go back and forth all the time. Grantaire whispered “here come dat boi” when Enjolras walked in one day, and Combeferre scared the shit out of him because no one was expecting the “o shit whaddup” to come from him.
  • “Just because” experiments because Combeferre will do a lot of things ~for science~ and Grantaire is more than ready to get involved in something fun and potentially risky
  • “Grantaire, what fucking Hogwarts house do you belong in?” “Which one do you think I belong in?” “Stop doDGING THE QUESTION”


Flying related Les Amis headcanons because why the fuck not:

  • Enjolras is the worst flyer. THE WORST. Combeferre pretty much has to sedate him to even get him to an airport. 
  • Combeferre always has everything prepared ahead of time. Weeks ahead of time. He packs unreasonably early, but always knows where everyone’s tickets, IDs, passports, etc. are, so it’s cool.
  • Courfeyrac is the only person in the world who loves getting the middle seat. He considers it his duty to befriend the people on either side of him.

  • Jehan demands the window seat because he loves looking at the clouds and imagining what it would be like to free fall from 36,000 feet. 

  • Joly gets nervous at takeoff and landing, but once the plane is in the air is pretty much his normal, happy self, though his ears hurt almost the entire flight. 

  • Bossuet is the one whose ticket always gets messed up. Like he ends up getting booked on a flight that doesn’t exist or his seat is randomly in a completely different section of the plane than everyone else and he’s always stuck in the middle seat. 

  • Feuilly sleeps through every flight. He has mastered the ability to fall asleep as soon as  the pilot announces that it’s safe to unbuckle your seatbelt. 

  • Bahorel ends up with a flight attendant’s phone number after every flight, but he never notices until after he gets off the plane, because he’s too busy making friends with the kids sitting near him. 

  • Grantaire is the best person to be stuck next to on a long flight because he has a running commentary for every in-flight and the uncanny ability to silence crying babies.