I kind of like the idea of and AU in which Les Mis is actually written by Marius. Like as he got older he just had an increasing amount of Feelings About Things and started obsessively researching his mysterious heroic father-in-law, as well as everybody else connected to him and Cosette.

So he traveled around the country interviewing people, looking through documents, checking locations etc. and finally wrote down his own interpretation of the events based on the things he found out or remembered. And because he’s Marius he couldn’t help but address various other things he’d become interested in (like sewers, argot, etc.) and some things he used to be interested in (Napoleon, Waterloo). He also became much more republican and much more conscious of social problems later in life so the book became increasingly about those things too.

… So I guess everything in Les Mis would be from an older Marius’s point of view in this universe. Honestly I think it might explain a lot.

“This is the story of How I Met Your Mother…. And how your grandfather stole a loaf of bread…”

Omg thank you for this addition.



[Caption: two gifs from Leverage. Hardison is working on his computer, saying, “You know, this man has his computer hooked up to the city’s free Wi-Fi? My nana could hack this thing.”]

There was one thing Hardison never told anyone.  Not Nate, not Sophie, not Parker or Elliot.  Hardison had a teacher.  The way Parker had Archie, Hardison had her.  She used to work for NASA, wrote out the flight codes by hand.  She helped launch the shuttle that put Armstrong on the Moon.  And she taught him everything.  At ten he was writing his own computer codes in spiral notebooks during math classes he could have passed in his sleep, taking them home and showing them to her.

“Look, Nana!  This one draws butterflies on the screen.”

“That’s good, Alec.  But you switched from COBALT to C++ in the middle here.  That’s not gonna do you any good baby.  Here’s how you fix it…”

Her pension from the government helped pay for all of Nana’s kids, but when she got sick, it wouldn’t quite cover her medicine or doctor.  She wasn’t going to short the kids any, and Alec knew that.  He also knew that they’d look at her first if he took money out of an account linked to her job.  He knew this because she told him, because she knew how his mind worked.  That’s how he wound up hacking an overseas bank that had lent money to her old boss, the one who denied her request for government healthcare.  And if he left behind some breadcrumbs for the authorities to find that led to that jerk, well, there are worse things to do on Prom night.


ok but consider:

-ferre coming home after a long day at the library and just plopping down at the dining table and taking off his glasses

-while he’s rubbing his eyes tiredly courf cleans his glasses on his own shirt and is, at the same time, super heart-eyes about sleepy ferre

-when ferre’s done he just automatically leans forward to get his glasses back

-ferre’s eyes are still half closed but there’s a silly half smile on his face and he looks so endearing so ofc courf’s heart starts fluttering

-but he places the glasses back on ferre ever so gently and pecks him on the nose and they both start giggling like the nerds they are


Y’all saw Fra’s tweets of his nieces painting his back with neon polka dots and scribbles and whatnot a few days ago right? 

Consider Courf inviting Ferre over to his parents house for dinner one night, and all his siblings and their spouses and kids are there as well, and Courf has barely taken a step inside before he’s surrounded by several nieces and a nephew or two just begging to let him be their canvas (they painted on him once after he showed them his tattoo, and ever since then they’ve looooved painting on him) 

Courf quickly agrees and Ferre realizes what is happening a second too late. His mouth goes dry as he watches Courf take his shirt off, completely frozen in place. 

And Ferre has to deal with a shirtless Courfeyrac for an entire hour. It doesn’t help that Courf absolutely adores the kids and he’s so great with them.

Ferre is practically swooning the whole time

hp sorting thing: valjean and javert?




Valjean is totally a Hufflepuff (also in my AU he’s a sort of groundkeeper/probably like – Care of Magical Creatures teacher? but he 100% graduated from Hufflepuff.

… and I’d put Javert… idk. Ravenclaw maybe? Or Slytherin? I’m not sure, ah.

OH GOSH.  VALJEAN IS SUCH A HAGRID-TYPE, YES.  *_*  I really like this.  ^_^  He’s just gentle and kind and all the kids come to him for advice and comforts and tea and to feel safe. (Because dude, he’s HUGE and STRONG, yet so gentle and so protective of all the little ones, why wouldn’t you feel safe, you know?  :D)  And it’s so so SO good for Feuilly to have him right on the grounds, because then he never has to truly leave his adopted family.

VE, I LIKE THIS A LOT.  ^__________^

EXACTLY! and like. If he’s a teacher he doesn’t live in the cottage – he has an office on the grounds – like, they wanted him to but it was important for him to just. Have his house with Cosette and keep it, you know? And like Hagrid, Hogwarts wasn’t always good to him – not when he was in prison, not when he was running – but the school has changed and Valjean just cares so much about the kids and what they represent and the kids love him and he’s a wonderful teacher and caretaker.

and right! like. when Feuilly arrives at Hogwarts after being bitten Valjean starts staying in his office during the full moon, keeping an eye on him and bringing him back inside afterwards, etc. and Feuilly doesn’t really realise (because nobody’s ever looked out for him like that, right, and he’s unconscious most of the time anyway), but Valjean’s been looking for him and it’s such a good ;3;

Valjean is so good

YES.  I love this SO MUCH.  SO MUCH.  *chinhands*  ^__________^

And this would be a perfect opportunity for the “Valjean ‘adopts’ all of Les Amis and so they adopt him, too’ headcanon.  AAAAAHHH, VE I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS AND I WASN’T EXPECTING TO.  TT^TT  ^______^  TT^TT


Someone should think about Joly having to deal with his two best friends being the worst at serious emotional talk; one will make everything a joke and the other will rant endlessly and never manage to properly say what he thinks after two hours.

Someone should also think about Bossuet and Grantaire staring at Joly and loving him a little bit more every time he’s being a sensible human being capable of telling them how much he likes them (also, how damn frustrating they can be)

Just saying.