that it’s ok if you don’t know exactly what kind of attraction you’re
feeling. I’ve noticed within the ace and aro communities we like to
split attraction up into neat categories of
aesthetic/sexual/romantic/sensual/qslurplatonic/etc. But feelings are
WEIRD and nebulous and fluid and sometimes impossible to define clearly.
And that’s ok.

Reblogging myself because it’s still relevant.



I’m here for sex-repulsed asexuals. I’m here for the aces that LOVE having sex. I’m here for the aces that knew exactly what their sexual orientation was the second that they read about it and I’m here for the asexuals that are “*shrugs* maybe ace?” I’m here for the young aces and the old aces, for the single aces and married aces and all the aces in between. I’m here for all the aces