Mustafar hummed with death behind his back, only a moment away, somewhere out there among the rivers of molten rock. Obi-Wan let Anakin drive him toward it.

It was a place, he decided, they should reach together.

Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover

Wait, does this sentence “It was a place, he decided, they should reach together“ imply that Obi-Wan wanted to die near Anakin on Mustafar?

That’s… not the Jedi-like, but taking into account their friendship…

Oh, my Obikin feels

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#the eternal pain and heartbreak and sheer devastation of obi-wan’s life #the bright hero who shone so brightly #he could never keep his own #couldn’t even keep himself #as he screamed at the galaxy in disappointment and betrayal #for he gave and gave #and all he got in return was madness and sand and a false name (via xenadd)