Everyone feels like a kid again when they’re holding a lightsaber.



a jedi does not cling to the past.
and obi-wan kenobi knows, too, that to have lived his life without being master to anakin skywalker would have left him a different man. a lesser man

make me choose
clintbavton said: anakin skywalker or obi-wan kenobi



Star Wars Prequels Appreciation Week

Day 3Favourite Side Character

Bail Organa

#i will reblog bail organa every time he comes across my dash#EVERY#TIME#you understand#in revenge of the sith#he is the only one who tries to help#he is the only one who sees the temple burning and tries to help#not even padme goes#padme’s life is in such a shambles by that point that she can’t do anything but stare#but bail organa#who isn’t even as CLOSE to the jedi as padme is#who doesn’t really have a personal stake in it like padme does#he goes#the temple is burning but nobody comes for the jedi’s children#except bail organa#who has to be forced away at gunpoint from this spectacle#who sees a ten year-old jedi child gunned down on the steps of the jedi’s own home#bail organa tries#he’s the only one who tries to do anything#and that’s why i love him#star wars (via panharmonium

This is important. Leia’s father was a good, brave man.


Courfeyrac has a teddy bear named Ferre the Bear, pass it on


Favorite missing quotes [2/?]: “Edmund couldn’t speak. He walked back with the Doctor to his own lines with a sick
feeling in his stomach.”


Rob Houchen’s final performance of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.

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