♠ for enjolras and feuilly!


♠:One character adjusting the other’s jewelry/neck tie/ etc.

It had been raining for days – no, weeks.  Perhaps not quite months, though, as Enjolras liked to think he would have noticed his apartment building floating away, despite the piles and piles of student papers he had been focused on reading and grading.

Enjolras didn’t mind the rain, as a general rule. He liked to listen to the sound it made, tap tap tap against the roof punctuating his thoughts and movements. It made it easier to focus, and easier to fall asleep at night, too, when everyone was home and everything was dark. Still, even he had to admit that after so long, the feeling of the warm rays of sun against his face was quite nice.

He wouldn’t go so far as it call it a caress; he tried to avoid the word if he could. A blanket, though, perhaps. An enveloping, reassuring, soothing blanket of light –

“Here,” Feuilly said, suddenly breaking through Enjolras’ reverie. Enjolras tried blinking his eyes open, but had to close them again, the sun shining directly – and painfully – in his pupils. “Take mine.”

“Uh?” Enjolras turned his head towards his friend, squinting. “What?”

“Forgot your sunglasses, didn’t you?” Feuilly shook his head as he pulled off his own sunglasses from his face. “You’ll get a sunburn, lying down like that.”

“What about you?” Enjolras frowned. He nearly swallowed a blade of grass – thank goodness the ground wasn’t soggy anymore, though now that he thought about it, they could have brought an actual blanket. 

Feuilly shrugged. “Come on. Just take them.”

Enjolras thought for a moment. He still felt fuzzy, and warm, and quite sleepy; but he raised his head and extended a arm towards his friend; pushing the offered glasses back towards Feuilly’s face, he adjusted them clumsily before grabbing Feuilly’s hat from his head instead, plopping it over his own face as he lay back down.

“There,” Enjolras said. The hat smelled clean, like shampoo, but also a little like oil paint. He didn’t mind.

“Dangerous move,” he heard Feuilly laugh. “But suit yourself.”

He smiled from under the hat when he felt Feuilly lying down next to him.


marius/courfeyrac/cosette fake married au?


“I confess, it was not my finest hour,” said Courfeyrac,
collapsing onto the chair across from Marius; “I panicked, I prevaricated, I perjured
myself, and in short I told my father that I wouldn’t meet his eligible society
mademoiselle because you and I were passionately in love and soon to be married.”
Courfeyrac let out a great sigh and mournfully added, “The damnable old fellow
didn’t even disown me.”

Marius paled; “But I’ve
just told my grandfather I’m going to ask Cosette to marry me whether he likes
it or not and I can’t pretend to be engaged to both of you at – Courfeyrac, why
are you smiling like that, this is serious!”


i’m just thinking of like. Enjolras works in a coffee shop – part time, he’s a student. And Feuilly comes in every morning before work, getting his coffee, and they don’t chat much because it’s morning rush and they’re both busy but they sorta end up having a crush on each other. Meanwhile Feuilly works in a art&crafts supply store nearby, which Enjolras finds out after a few weeks of seeing each other every other day in the coffee shop?

anyway, one day Feuilly just sorta stops going to the coffee shop – ‘cause, yeah, Enjolras’ great and lovely and nice, but his coffee is too damn expensive. And he sorts of tell himself that he’ll go sometime, as a treat, but he keeps missin Enjolras. 😦

MEANWHILE Enjolras sorts of start going to the art&craft store more often to see Feuilly, since he doesn’t come to the coffee shop anymore. But he doesn’t want to look like – creepy weird, so Courfeyrac suggests he picks up things. Craft supplies. Pretends he knows what the hell he’s doing when talking to Feuilly. (He’s not, Feuilly picks up on it right away because they’re both terrible liars and they’re way too enthusiastic about things like politics as soon as they get started.)

the totally end up having craft nights at the coffee shop, too! Enjolras is super interested in calligraphy, to his great surprise? 

 and i’m going somewhere with this and it’s cute and slow burn and the enj/feuilly fic I wish I could write. :’)




uncle chewie and uncle artoo sending their niece to her first day of jedi school

@phoenixwrites IT’S SO CUTE I’M GONNA DIE

Concept: enjolras has a massive crush on Feuilly in elementary school and they kiss each othe r on the cheek under the playground on Valentine’s Day


!! I missed this the other day but oh my god

p l e a s e.

they meet as kids in elementary school when they’re paired together for a science project? they have to make a poster about the water cycle and Enjolras doesn’t know what to do (he wasn’t listening to the teacher, it’s hard to listen sometimes) but he has really nice colouring pencils? and Feuilly’s blue pencil is smaller than his little finger and it hurts everytime he uses it, and you need blue to draw the water cycle and stuff. So Enjolras offers him his pencil and Feuilly smiles at him and they ask the teacher if they can work together.

They go to Enjolras’ house to work, because Feuilly isn’t allowed to bring friends home for dinner, and they continue to be friends even after the project is done and they’ve presented it (it was so easy, it was kind of amazing, working with Enjolras made Feuilly feel more confident about speaking up in class somehow and working with Feuilly helped Enjolras focus on the task at hand rather than try to do everything at once).

The other kids find it a bit weird that they’re suddenly super best friends because they ‘obviously’ don’t fit? Enjolras isn’t quite a ‘cool kid’, he’s too quiet and reserved for that, but his clothes are always fashionable and everyone’s a little intimidated by him, while Feuilly’s the kid everyone whispers nasty things about (”his parents didn’t want him, that’s why he lives in that big house across from the school with the other problem kids”, “all his books and pencils are worn and dirty because he found them in the trash”) and no one even tries to be his friend.

then they start holding hands at recess, and kissing each other on the cheek for the first time on Valentine’s Day. they don’t call each other ‘boyfriends’, because they didn’t even use that for each other and no one asked? but they definitely like each other ahhh

(then at the end of the school year Feuilly changes school because he changes foster homes and it doesn’t go as well in his next foster home and he totally loses contact with Enjolras. They see each other again in college, though, and Feuilly recognizes Enjolras because of the familiar way he blushes when he looks at him)