ok but consider:

-ferre coming home after a long day at the library and just plopping down at the dining table and taking off his glasses

-while he’s rubbing his eyes tiredly courf cleans his glasses on his own shirt and is, at the same time, super heart-eyes about sleepy ferre

-when ferre’s done he just automatically leans forward to get his glasses back

-ferre’s eyes are still half closed but there’s a silly half smile on his face and he looks so endearing so ofc courf’s heart starts fluttering

-but he places the glasses back on ferre ever so gently and pecks him on the nose and they both start giggling like the nerds they are



Just imagine this. Modern day Ferre is on his high school’s/uni’s swim team. That’s just too much for Courf. Not only is his best friend the biggest (and most adorable) nerd, but he is also a very good swimmer. There have been many occasions on which Courf has frozen in his place/dropped whatever he is holding upon seeing his friend going out of the swimming pool after practice (because we all know that he would love watching Ferre practice; he is also great at encouraging him). The man looks like a god – wet hair sticking to his face, water dripping from his bare chest.
After a big competition where Ferre wins, Courf is so excited that he runs to him immediately to give him a giant hug BUT Ferre is still standing on the edge of the pool and doesn’t expect that so they both end up in the water, laughing and hugging and at some point probably kissing.

Joly 20 w/Courf


Ah thank you!

Joly and Courfeyrac were friends from the start–of course they were, who wouldn’t be friends with Joly or Courfeyrac?– but they actually had a rough patch right at first, though you’d have to have known them both well to realize it was  a rough patch, because hey, they got along, they had fun, they never minded each other’s company…but there were a  few awkward lags in conversation, the odd joke failed between them, just all kinds of little missed conversational exchanges and moments that didn’t quite sync. And it drove them both up the wall, because hey, they liked the other person! That was clearly a good friendly person!  He was friends with their friends! What is going on.

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