here’s a reminder, too, for some of my younger followers

BAD THINGS HAPPEN IN THE WORLD. it’s important that you learn about what’s going on. but it’s not a requirement that you post about them on your tumblr. it’s ok to blacklist things that upset you if you use tumblr as a safe haven. 

you’re not bad, uninformed, or uncaring because you don’t blog about tragedy, politics, human rights, etc. it doesn’t mean that you aren’t moved by these things. it simply speaks to whatever your personal purpose is when you use tumblr. 

generally you won’t see me talking about current events on tumblr. that’s because this is a visual and personal journal – not a current events blog. sometimes it feels like there’s a lot of pressure to include current events and your stance on them on your blog. that’s not necessary if you don’t want to include those things. 

A few people have reblogged this with tags like “i thought this went without saying” – but for some people (especially young people) i have found that it is NOT so obvious. There is such enormous pressure in the tumblr callout culture to have specific content on your blog. I have been trying to look at the things I take for granted (like this concept) and making sure to talk about them.

Thanks to everyone who has reblogged this for sharing this idea with your followers!