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Write like the wind!

Posting deadline: 9am UTC on 20 December (what time is that for me?)

This is for all assignments and Pinch Hits #1-#99.

The deadline for Pinch Hits #100 onwards is the same time on the 21st.

Remember that while you can edit your story after the deadline, the version posted should fulfill the criteria and be complete. If it is not, you will count as having defaulted.

Les Miserables Fandom Calendar Update

Les Miserables Fandom Calendar

It’s been quite a year!  We’ve had several fandom weeks and exchanges, and I think they’ve gone pretty well.  ^_^  To the best of my knowledge, there are no more weeks scheduled in the calendar, but there are still a few exchanges going on, so I thought I’d post a schedule update and maybe remind people that with a new year fast approaching… maybe it’s time to organize a few more weeks on the calendar?  ^_~  Just a suggestion!

November 2015:
21: Les Mis Winter Holidays Exchange (@lesmiswinterhols)  – Submissions/first drafts are due [Countdown]
21-December 5: Les Mis Winter Holidays Exchange (lesmiswinterhols)  – Pinch hit and editing period

December 2015:
November 21-December 5: Les Mis Winter Holidays Exchange (lesmiswinterhols)  – Pinch hit and editing period
12: Les Mis Winter Holidays Exchange (lesmiswinterhols)  – Final submissions are due [Countdown] (12 AM PST); Works are revealed (12 PM PST)
19: Les Mis Winter Holidays Exchange (lesmiswinterhols)  – Creators are revealed (12 PM PST)
Yuletide stories are due (9 AM UTC/4 AM EST) – I’m including this
because there is at least one version of Les Mis nominated for Yuletide
that I know of.
25: Yuletide stories revealed

January 2016:
1: Yuletide authors revealed

Disclaimer: Always check the exchange/week page for confirmed deadlines.  It is possible that the ones listed here may be out of date.

If you know of any exchanges or fandom weeks that are going on that I haven’t heard about, please let me know?