an edit i would like fanfic writers to make


So, I’ve been on tumblr for a while now (and reading fic for longer), and I have to say, I have one thing that I would like fanfic writers to edit out of their stories, if necessary. 

At the risk of sounding preachy, I’m going to finally share this thought.

More and more, I feel like I read fics (especially on tumblr) that start with an Author’s note that goes a little like this:

Ah, I think this sucks but here it is!!! or Just a stupid little idea, but I wrote it anyway, haha! or I haven’t written in forever and this is terrible, but…

My suggested edit is this: Take that note out.

I understand that sometimes you write things quickly, that sometimes you don’t feel like bothering to check for typos and you don’t really want a slew of corrections from people and so giving people warning that this isn’t fully polished can be a good thing. I support that, especially if it makes you comfortable enough to post your work. But communicate that positively – say it’s “quick” or “just for fun” or “a little idea I had to get out” or “unbeta-ed” or “first fic in a while! getting back into it!”

Don’t say it “sucks.” Don’t say it’s “stupid.” Don’t say “Wrote this in 2 seconds so it is probably the woooorst!!”

You created something. It did not exist before you and you are the only reason anyone gets the experience of reading it. Be proud of that. I feel like the world already tries to put down fanfiction writers so much- we don’t need to start implying it’s okay by announcing it at the beginning of our stories.

Your writing isn’t stupid. It’s not dumb or silly and it does not suck. It is not the worst.

So don’t tell people it is.

Don’t give someone permission to dismiss your work before they even start reading.


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