all i’m saying is if an all-girls school crashed on the island in lord of the flies then they would’ve been off the island in a week

lord of the flies doesnt show the base human condition, it shows the base privileged straight white male condition, incredibly when i point this out people get kind of annoyed

Might I direct you to Beauty Queens by Libba Bray, a YA novel in which a plane full of teen beauty pageant contestants crashes on a deserted island.  Instead of descending into violent savagery, the girls are able to work together and become more truly themselves than they could in the patriarchal world outside.  They repurpose the tools of beauty into tools of survival (and some of them work to keep up their appearances too, because that’s what makes them feel happy, while others decide they’re done with all the pressure to be a certain sort of beautiful.)  They fight against evil corporations.  Beauty Queens is enthusiastically feminist.  (Never fear, the feminism is intersectional, exploring issues of race and sexuality as well as gender.)  Also, this book is HILARIOUS, not to mention surprisingly exciting!

Oh, look at this thing I’m going to add to my reading list.

srsly read Beauty Queens, one of the girls is trans!!!


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