Signups are now open!! 😀

The exchange will be hosted primarily on this collection, so you will need an AO3 account to participate!

The sister exchange to the LMWH, the Les Mis Summer Hols Exchange will last from April to August. Participants will sign up, assignments will be distributed, and creators will create anonymously until creator reveals go up!

Schedule (PST)

  • 29 April, 12:00AM: Signups open
  • 23 May, 12:00AM: Signups close
  • 28 May, 12:00PM: Assignments are sent out
  • 27 June, 12:00PM: Mandatory check-in
  • 15 July, 12:00AM: Submissions/first drafts are due
  • 15 – 29 July: Pinch hit and editing period
  • 31 July, 12:00AM: Final Submissions are due
  • 3 August, 12:00AM: Works are revealed
  • 7 August, 12:00AM: Creators are revealed

Read the FAQ and Rules for more information and feel free to follow thisTumblr for regular updates. The askbox is open or you can contact the mod at lesmisholsmod@gmail.com with any questions/concerns.


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