Convert Resources: Jewish Study Time!



I spend most of my life doing e-research anyways so here goes. This is for other converts who are like “????” but also hey, applies to anyone already Jewish too. Enjoy. This following list proves enough resources to obtain a free siddur, haggadah, the whole Torah (with commentary), free ways to learn hebrew, and no money spent to learn history, theology, or philosophy. Learning comes free of charge. 🙂 

*cracks knuckles* 

Where REF is Reform, C is Conservative, O is Orthodox, and REC is Reconstructionist. * Is a news source, and + is a practice/text/prayer resource. 


University/Academic databases and Research Guides (some limited access):

Podcasts, Itunes U, and MOOC:

For long commutes and drives!

Learning Hebrew (not from Hebrew 4 Christians): 

Most recommended starter books: 

First: GO TO A LIBRARY!!!!! LIBRARY BOOKS ARE FREE, ISN’T THAT GLORIOUS? Then if you’ve asked the public library and they neither have anything on the shelf nor can they borrow a book from another branch for you, ask a Rabbi. Then: Check for cheap copies! 

  • JPS Annotated Study Bible (Tanakh in English) 
  • Living Judaism – Rabbi Wayne Dosick
  • Essential Judaism
  • Jewish Literacy – Rabbi Telushkin
  • The Jewish Book of Why?
  • Jewish Living – Washofsky [REF]
  • Aleph Bet isn’t Tough! 
  • Jews, God, and History
  • Choosing a Jewish Life – Diamant
  • CoffeeShop Rabbi’s Basic Books List

What are some good Jewish Book lists or print magazines (or ebooks)?:

Wait, I want a siddur (prayerbook):

Go to Open Siddur for free siddurim. The following are also popular purchases or PDFs free online:

But where do I buy….(a Mezuzah, a havdalah set, lots of gelt….etc)?:

ok i’m exhausted. This is what I’ve got for now! 

We’ve had a few messages asking us for the post of conversion resources, and I’m 99.9% sure it’s the above from @keshetchai!


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